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Anyone else got the cold-weather munchies?!

I just want to EAT!!!
I have quite a lot of SW-friendly foods I can munch on, but I really shouldn't! I am supposed to be being good and getting the holiday weight back off :rolleyes:

Bah. Stupid weather making me want to lay down extra fat for 'survival' purposes! LOL!
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Yep I feel exactly the same ..... cant stop eating but lucky enough I am managing to snack on SW friendly food ...... mullers, mugshots, laughing cows etc.....

I started SW in Oct and this is the first week I am feeling like this!!!!

WI tonight so fingers crossed :)


Nojo on the YoYo
I have, in front of me, a table laden with leftover Christmas chocolate. It includes:

Half a tin of Celebrations
2/3 of a pack of Marksie's version of Ferrero Rocher (bigger nuts, less nutella)
a giant gift tube of smarties (unopened)
a king size bar of Dairy Milk (unopened)
half a gigantic Toblerone
3 tubs of Pringles

Today I have eatered:

1 bowl of puffed wheat with skimmed milk
1 packet of cheese and broccoli pasta n sauce with 4 laughing cow lights and some extra pasta in.

:( <---- this is my grumpy face

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
yes!! I ate a ton yesterday when I eventually got home from WI and didn't count any of it so I've got an uphill struggle now.
Today I've got a bad headache but trying not to eat without thinking about it! Lunch just cooking now, but when the sun goes down is my danger time!

Doesn't help I have no fruit, bread/krisprolls, laughing cow in to snack on :(
I know how u feel vixx i had the same problem with leftover chocs so i took mine into work - a residential home for the elderly and let the residents and staff loose on them gone within 2 days! if youve got a nursing home nearby ask if you can donate your chocolate, it means u havent got to look at it and hear it calling ur name plus you earn brownie points for helping the elderly out with a bit of sugar lol!
up til today ive not stopped muching lol...first wi this morning since week before xmas...2.5 gain...but god i enjoyed it!! lol...
I deffo feel hungrier now ive lost so much weight and its cold....i guess bodies will do anythiung to get us to eat for fuel lol...oh and hormones give me the munchies big time.....its a real struggle at times :sigh:....
oh and as my shopping day is thursday that means wed is not a nice day food wise...part from the kids food..realy should plan my meals a bit better i think...


Nojo on the YoYo
Heh, HELL no! Ain't no old ladies getting their mitts on my chocolate!

Celebrations are 2 syns each
Dairy milk is 1 syn per square
Them Marksies Ferrero things are about 3.5 each

and so on...

It just means I don't have to buy kitkats for at least 3 months.

...er, I mean, what a great and caring and kind idea, I shall do that rightaway...!


Nojo on the YoYo
I did, however, take any and all white chocolate products into work with me. for they are the DEVIL.

...Ooooh I just found my Green n Blacks mini bars. They're 4. Or 5. ish.

Cuppa tea time methinks...
I'm being a very good girl and eating lots of free food like my lovely consultant told me too!
I've had bacon, eggs, tomatoes for brekky and just had a jacket spud with bean chilli and extra tinned tomatoes (for my third s/f!) and lettuce and I'm now going to have a hot chocolate.
Lots of food really and it's not even 2pm!!


Nojo on the YoYo
Yeah but probably not more than about 700-800 cals worth dude at the most. Viva la Slimming World!
Viva SW indeed!

I am managing to munch on free foods too (except the slice of SW cake I just ate for 6 syns!) so probably not doing any Actual Damage™ but I am definitely feeling the cold more this winter. I am almost 2 stone lighter than last winter, so I suppose I would feel it more! :)

Good work on rationing the chocolate Vix. Did you see that chocoholic on My Big Fat Diet Show last night? £2500 a year on chocolates. She would just shove bits in without thinking about it. Then she stood on the scales and said "I can't think what I've done in that would make me gain 2 stone in the last month".


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I read an article that says it's all to do with your insulin levels after troughing at Christmas.Stay away from sugar!
I've fallen back on comfort food SW style. Porridge for breakfast, I made lentil soup with loads of veg for lunch, I'll have an orange mid afternoon and for dinner we're having the smoked haddock and pea risotto from the EE book. Last night was shephersd pie.


Nojo on the YoYo
Oh God Hellie, last winter was a nightmare for me, I was about 5 stone lighter than the previous winter and i was ill each month from october onwards with colds, coughs, tonsilitis, the whole shebang. I even started to get Coughing Abs, didn't need to do any crunches, the coughs did it for me!

Choccie deffo getting rationed, waste not want not and all that! I did see that chocoholic woman, and was laughing at her in the restaurant not choosing chocolate and Anna Richardson congratulating her on choosing rhubarb crumble and custard instead. With probably more calories in, and her fried egg, gammon and chips pub lunch.

Maybe it's not just the chocolate that helped her put on the 2 stone in a month...
I love hearty winter food Judi :D How's your exercise going in this cold? Brr!

I had a little chuckle about the gammon and chips, and rhubarb crumble too! But at least she's over the chocolate addiction...perhaps she can tackle her other diet demons one at a time?

I think I might have a warm bath and apply the chocolate face mask I just bought! That may help the munchies!


Nojo on the YoYo
Is it from Lush? You can eat it you know. But, er, don't. :p

Yeah, let her off with the chips and custard for now, at least it's not chocolate!

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