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anyone else had a bad valentine weekend?

I ate yesterday although it was planned and I enjoyed it rather than feel guity :) I manage better on this diet if I plan 'treats' about 6 weeks apart .. i know i am able to get back on the plan , I know that I am gonna stick with it and get to goal but I find it keeps me motivated to keep going if I have a planned meal to look forward to .
I am not saying its the right thing to do ... but its the right thing for ME ..... dont feel guilty .. you are not letting anyone down ...... do what it takes to keep yourself going and jump back on the wagon right away :)

hiya! thanks for the reply... i have a planned day off every sat. like you say everyones journey is their own. i never feel bad about my planned day off but i do feel bad if its any more than that which today was . not feeling too bad though cos i know i can get back to cd in the morning and work hard this week. good luck for next weeks weigh in katie!
wow , do you have good losses with a day off every week ? when i was on liptrim the pharmasist I got it from had done it too and said he had a curry every week and still lost 6 stone !!! dont know if I would dare have 1 day a week .. but I do find a planned meal a great motivation .... although its amazing how much some people on here can rant about how eating will ruin all your effort and the world will end etc !!!


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Yes my day went to hell today but last week was a good week and this week will be too cos I am going to be sooooo good ALL week and ALL month!
i have every sat off. its week 7 now and i find it more manageable if i cut it into 6 day chunks with one day off to spend CD free with my fam. also, on my day off i never really go crazy and use that day to make good food choices and portion control (which is what this diet should teach you, right?). but i pretty much eat what i want and i always carry on from sunday (bar this week). i have lost every week bar one where i sts. however, i dont have massive losses and have lost 18lbs so far. i wouldnt recommend it and i am sure a lot of people will be upset with me but this forum is pretty non judgemental and i need to do this my way and make my own mistakes and make it my own journey. i dont want to encourage anyone else to do the same, but i am just working things out for myself. i did cd in 08 for 8 weeks then fell preggers and last time too i had sats off. i hope i dont get told off! even if i do, i hope people understand that not everyone does it the same way and each person takes their own CD steps to their destination.....
ahahahha. alexice - welcome to the head hangers (in shame, that is!)........ maybe we can really support each other this week?


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i had a break too planned for valentines but ending up eating more than the planned healthy meals, starting again tom fingers crossed and get into it, i too have planned meal breaks to keep me going, my loss is slower but i feel more in control and not like im torturing myself and wanting to give it all in, good luck all the resstarters tommorrow xxx
hi blush. god we are similar. you have lost 19lbs in 6 weeks and i have lost 18lbs, and we both have some meals. thanks for the confession and lets start fresh tomorrow and raring to go!!
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Leeds it's no ones business how you manage your cd plan but yours, so don't feel awkward with your different method.

If it works for you, brill :D

I did ss ,properly' but came off it 3-4 times for breaks of up to 2 weeks! At one point LOL ( summer hol).... Like the saying goes ' never done me any harm'

All the best x
i did! and i feel so bad, i wanted to make myself sick after! I had turkey, sweetcorn,stuffing and a tiny roastie then a white choc pudding.. But i went back into ketosis on the same day and put on half a lb so i obv didnt eat to many carbs lol
I have worked out with my CDC that i can have a ss+ day every weekend if i feel the need to. This weekend i went out for a meal Friday AND Saturday with my dad who was up for the weekend and had a SS+ day just having some lettace and chicken which i really enjoyed. It looked better than what they where eating :). I was back on CD yesterday tho 100% and again today as want to lose more than 1lb this week haha. Walked to work today too, hope the walking will help lose some weight hehe! <3 xxx


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I thought i was going to struggle this weekend, i did a little hubby was saty drinking wine and eating chocolates :(, so instead of having a chocolate i kissed him after hed eaten it hahahaaa (that was my taster of chocolate), would recommend it to anyone lolololol
Mrs E - well done on the weight loss and how the hell did you cope with 2 weeks off??? you look fab in your pic. just goes to show that everyone deals with it differently, huh?

Duncan - haha, novel new way of choc tasting.

Tasha - wow, walking to work. you are an inspiration!

Kimmie - wow girl. well done on sticking to it!
Tasha - wow, walking to work. you are an inspiration

Thanks hun :) But its only a 10min walk i should really be doing it anyway It takes me 2mins not even that to drive tomy works its JUST around the corner lol. My excuse was...'' i go and see my nanna of a lunch time'' haha well yesterday i asked her to pick me up on my lunch hour today so i could walk to work. Andreas is meeting me after i finish work too so we can walk home together hehe! Its something i should be doing anyway lol xxx <3
tasha - dont talk yourself down. sometimes doing the smallest things is the hardest! it may only be 10 mins but its a new start for you and i am so proud of you as i have been keeping an eye on your posts and love them (although i dont usually rely as am bit of a lurker). I am rooting for you 100% and know you can get to your goal soon. andreas sounds lovely, lucky you!
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Hi I had weigh in early this week (Sunday instead of tuesday) so that I could take Sunday off and still have just over a week to repair any damage. Had a much craved lunch and meal out with the family. was really shocked at myself when holding very full stomach in car home I actually said can't wait to have a day back on the shakes tomorrow lol! What does Cambridge do to our minds?!!

Hope everyone is managing to get back on track.:)
yes, i too was raring to get back to my shakes today and i am doing well so far, hope all the lovelies who replied in this confessional thread are doing ok today!
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I was naughty with a capital N, but I know the 7lbs damage will be gone by friday. I still felt great wearing trendy gear and a nice set of autograph undies.
It is thanks to cd that I had such a great weekend,I will be having a strict month after my holiday though so I can keep on enjoying wearing my new clothes.x

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