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Anyone else have a terrible habit of weighing every day?!


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i do that! i am going to have to stop. one day i will lose half a pound, another day i will lose 1 and a half pounds. as long as it goes down i am happy. but i dread when TOTM rolls around and i either put on or sts. will have to guzzle water that week.

but i wish i could wait to be weighed in weekly but i am too impatient!!
Yeah i'm doing the same, sometimes three times a day... it's starting to become an obsession.... i weigh myself and if it has gone up slightly (due to the water intake) or not moved, i go do 5 min on my stepper.... not sure wether this is a good thing i am getting into, although i think it is better than eating.


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I always weighed daily while I was on Cambridge, and still do in maintenance. It's recommended for maintenance anyway.

It's only a terrible habit if what you read on the scales makes you come off plan (whether it's a good reading or bad), or depresses you.

Whatever you do though, only take the once a week reading as the formal one, and never, judge your success by what a daily reading on the scales say.

Your success will come from how well you keep on the diet, not from a piece of machinery....digital or otherwise.


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I'm so impatient too!:rolleyes: I keep thinking I'm the same weight I was when I started ss even though I've lost 15lbs! It's weird!:8855:
I keep weighing every morning, even though I keep telling myself I won't! And yes, I am being 100% and the scales are hardly shifting :(


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KD, I probably shouldn't weigh every day! When it doesn't go down for a couple of days I get depressed, or when I seem to have miraculously put on 2lbs overnight when I'm 100% and guzzling water like mad! I know its normal; I just want to be healthy and happy again:D


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I confess, I weigh myself every morning and now I am on week 3, they don't move as quickly as they did on week 1. Now normally at this point on SS, I would feel diappointed and say what the hell, but I have taken on board the wise words of wiser people than I and told myself this is how the diet works and a loss of 5lb is better than no loss. Using my mind rather than losing my mind.
I am starting to get the hang of this control thing and I like it........now can I get the hoover to move without me actually pushing it just using my mind..................:D


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Hey that's a great idea!:D Maybe if we all get together and concentrate hard enough:gen126: we could move your hoover for you!:party0038:


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I weigh 1x a day when I can, in the morning right out of bed. I used to only be able to do this 3x a week or 2x, during weekends, but now I have my very own scales here in studentplace which I find useful for doing the steps up etc.

I agree that it can be bad if you ''eat'' based on the scales though, but as long as you're not terribly obsessed stepping on and off them every hour I think you'll be fine. If it troubles you, you can always ask a family member to hide them for you ;-)

Good luck,

I am the same first thing in the morning, but some days it never moves :-(
there were weeks where i would weigh myself everyday and lose a pound everyday. it sort of encouraged me to do longer hours at the gym :D
How much exercise do you do on CD? Im interested because I know you aren't surpost to do too much but would like to start now.
i weighed myself several times a day in my first week, and enjoyed seeing the downward trend each morning, but it still gave a false account and i'd lost less when i went to my CDC... (although it was evening and i knew i'd weigh heavier)

This second week i have limited myself to twice a day and haven't noticed the same downward trend obviously as wk2 will slow down...

I just wish my scales didn't weigh lighter than CDC's... it gives me false hope!

after weigh in, i'm gonna try to cut back to once a day, and do that for a week, by then i might be able to kick the habit entirely!!!
I weigh once, first thing in the morning (after I pee of course, Lol)....I used to be really obssessed about weighing myself but then realised that when I saw the scales were not moving as much as I liked, Id get fed up, and it was usually the trigger for me giving up (on previous diets)...:(

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I never used to weigh at all and when i was about 10wks into CD I bought some scales, i do find them useful especially now i have just started moving up the plans to maintenance, I don't let the number affect me though as I have realised how it moves up and down 1-5 lbs over the week, it can be a good indicator for seeing how different foods affect me too. I can get a little obsessed on WI day though as I want to predict what the CDC's scales are going to say!!

I jump out of bed every morning and run downstairs to get weighed. It's an addiction, but I don't get on at any other time in the day because I know i'll weigh more then and don't want to see them go up even though I know it's because i've drank loads of liquid
I am with you Land of Maz, my scales are different from the CDC's and I get weighed in the evening so I know things will be different. I nowknow that her scales are different from mine by 2lbs so whatever I weigh in the morning of WI, i take 2lbs off so I expect the diappointment - I hope that makes sense, its called handling the diappointment. That said I still groan when I weigh in......
I weigh myself daily 1st thing in morning just to keep an eye on progress
I dont put too much emphasis on this as my LLc scales weigh more but probably because my class is on an evening
The only weight I really count is at my class
Whilst my scales say I have lost more I only quote losses from the class
When I get to management I will continue to weigh daily as going forwardI want to keep a close track on my weight

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