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Anyone else have breast pain?

I started to get bad breast pain just over a year ago, it wasn't constant but when it happened at first I felt very uncomfortable.

While I was on a little break away the pain got so bad that I fainted, I seen a nurse who examined me (no lumps/bumps) and the first thing she said to me was that it was possible I had PCOS. Came home and got my GP to test, however she told me that the nurse was talking complete b****cks, even though she knew that I had found it impossible to get pregnant, I had excess hair and acne. Anyway, had the test and phoned for results - reception told me that everything was fine, about 6 weeks later I received a letter from the gp asking me to call about my results - turns out I do have PCOS, did it really need to take for me to get this horrible breast pain before my GP listened as I had asked for testing 3 years beforehand!

I still get the pain and it sometimes moves into my back now, all I can do is take paracetamol with codeine and ibroufen, run a hot bath and lie in it for over an hour and then take two hot water bottles to bed and try to sleep.

Does anyone else have this problem? The rest of the symptoms I can cope with. :sigh:
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Hello! I do get breast pain now and again, discussed it with my doctor and she suggested it was due to my hormones being all over the place. I am very overweight and all the doctor ever does is tells me to lose weight to help with the symptoms of PCOS. Which admittedly has worked for me in the past.

Anyway the pain is like a twinge or pinching feeling, or sometimes it feels really deep sort of against my lungs. I have been checked and there is nothing wrong with my breasts. It has slowly calmed down over this year as I have lost weight.

Thats all I can say on the matter! Hope it calms your nerves. :)

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