anyone else hit a hard time in the diet ??

Hi , I posted last week about suddenly feeling really hungry at 13 weeks into the diet ,.... well I am still on it .. just but it seems to be getting worse :( I had a 3 lb loss last week ( which is pretty good I h=guess ) but according to my home scales ( I know , I know ) I have only lost 1 lb so far this week and only 2 days to WI :( I have another 3 stone to shift and really dont knwo if I can carry on much longer . I know CD and LL have a 2-4 week break at 12 weeks of 850 calories a day ish .. as they belive that your body needs a kick start at this stage and wondered if maybe this is what I need to do ?? I could maybe have 2 shakes and a very low fat meal a day for a few weeks and then get back on ?? I have felt so good up till now .. but now my energy is zero and I am starving .. getting back pains and ust generally feel lie poop :(
any advise would be much appreciated :)
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You've lost over 4 stone already, over halfway there.
If you think you just stick to 2 shakes and a low fat meal for a week or 2
then go ahead.
Taking a break midway is better than coming off the wagon altogether.

Dont go mad tho or it'll all be for nothing :17729:


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You have done brilliantly so far, it would be ashame if anything happened and you may cave in through hunger (not saying you would mind).

You would do no harm to switch now to maintenance you will still easily lose 2-3lbs if not more each week and enjoy 1 healthy low carb meal.

Good luck with your choice.:wave_cry:


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Theirs 2.5kg different s in my own scales and the chemist scales and 3lb different at the gym,always go for the one at the chemist its what you started with and should be requalry calibrateded ,tomorrow is another day you may feel better take it day by day you have done so well chin up keep smiling and good luck,you can do it:)


on the up lol
26 weeks in 2008, half way through i had a bad week, even to the point i lost nothink , but i carried on and lost 7 stone or just over, lol and im bk after being naughty..... try sick with it, if u still feel same next week then try 2 shakes and 1 meal, but that might be harder to come bk again after ( the eatting ) Good luck in what u decide :)


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Congratulations on your fabulous loss so far sweetie. You've done brilliantly and you must be so proud of yourself.

The most important thing is your health. Only you know what's good and what's not for your body. If you feel you need a bit of a break then take it. We all have little low points and looking at scales other places other than the chemist can bring one of those low points on. I know, I know I've just lectured! Please do not weigh yourself on any other scales than the chemists, it can be so disheartening.

You've come so far and done amazingly well. If you think that taking a little break and introducing a meal will help you feel better, then go for it. Your health is number one.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do but I bet you'll continue to do fabulously.


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Aww hon I can totally sympathise, however, I started nibbling after my dad's funeral, I was still taking my 3 shakes a day, then 2 a day and before I knew it I was eating again and the appetite was back and it took 5 weeks for me to conquer it and get back on track.

My advice would be try to wait it out and stick with LT as long as you can, it'll just be easier that way. If you truly feel your body needs *food* then by all means take a break but just be prepared for the potential for struggle in getting back on it strictly.

Looking at your stats you have maybe 10 weeks or so left til you hit your goal. That's not really that long in the grand scheme of things. Do you think you could last it out?

Whatever you decide hon you know we're here to support you :)


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Hi i felt the same at only 4weeks in, managed to do it for 3 months last time. I switched to CD and i'm not suggesting you do the same but maybe try having your 3 shakes and a 200 cal no carb meal. That's what i do now with CD shakes. It hasn't effected my losses but has made a difference to how i feel and manage. I can give you a few meal ideas if you like which won't take you out of ketosis. Maybe you just need to get the rest of the weight off using another method than just LT shakes. HTH


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You have done so well but, I agree with BetsyBotox...if your health is suffering, you may need to change your plan? I salute you getting this far, I'm feeling awful in the middle of week 3!
Have a chat with your Pharmacist of luck to you. x


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I just thought of something in regard to the back pain.

At the beginning up until about week 17 I suffered terrible back pain. So much so that I had to go to the Docs. She explained to me that our spines suffer when carrying so much weight, they adjust into a position in order to cope. When we lose a big amount of weight so quickly our spines have to readjust and get used to the new weight. That's the reason we get the pain. She told me that once my spine had readjusted and redistributed the new weight, the pain would go. She was right! The pain disappeared from about week 18.

I haven't relayed the information exactly as she described it! She described it much better! If you think about it though, it all makes sense.

Hope you are feeling much better today sweetie.
thanks everyone and stinky breath could you please send me some recipe ideas .. even if I dont end up eating they will be great for when i get to goal .. although I am feeling at the moment that I need to have a break and may do a 2 week stint of 2-3 shakes and a carbless mreal as you say .. I dont want to give up altogether but I need to do something or I am going to fail :(