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Anyone else making it up as they go along?!

S: 14st1lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 1st2lb(8.12%)
So far I have done weight watchers, slimming world, diet chef and I am resolutely 14 stones. (it was getting embarrassing to attend the sessions once a week and have everyone in the room hear that once again I had not lost anything and having to come up with a 'how to do better plan' with everyone listening! Never mind expensive!)

I am not happy being 14 stones. I hate being a fat blob but I am a depression eater and it always gets me in the end. Embarrassing weigh in - chocolate bar on the way home - I have the rest of the week to make amends! The thing is I have been 14 stones for a long time now pretty much constantly so at least I am not getting any bigger!

Anyway the other day we were talking about decorating the spare room and hubby commented that we should keep the decor neutral so he would not have to decorate it again shortly for the baby - news to me! He always said babies were for when we were in our early 30's but as we slowly approach our 30's he has changed his mind. (maybe he has realized that we are not suddenly going to become proper grownups as soon as we hit 30!) Well this change in time scale has knocked me for six a bit. I know that my current weight is unsafe for pregnancy - never mind making the whole thing less likely to even happen! My BMI is 32 now to scrape to a normal BMI of 25 I need to get to around 10.5 stones. Hmmm.

The thing is I don't know which is the best way to go. I resent the thought of paying a company to 'help' me lose weight - money which should go in baby fund now. My weekly £10 chocolate money is being diverted straight to baby fund so I cannot spend it! I know how to lose weight - eat less and exercise more! Eat the right things - dont go for a curry every night! Going back to the food mum used to cook for me when I was younger when I was a gorgeous 8 stone 18 year old with a six pack men were jealous of! That was only 8 years ago! (before university and the horrible Pill)

Is anyone else trying to go it on their own - I am trying to think would I be ashamed to be eating this in front of mum - if the answer is yes then put it away! I need to stop eating portions the same size as my husband and to stop being so greedy with food - get away from the just add a bit more rice/pasta as I don't want to risk being hungry. Stop eating the chocolate! Am I being silly to make up a diet as I go along or should I go back to one of the 'proper' route of losing weight? (I hate having to follow rules - a diet handbook just throws me into a panic - I hate to feel restricted in what I can eat)
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I think having some structure helps you monitor things. Calorie counting is the easiest for me, I don't have to pay anyone to tell me what to do. I'm just keeping my own records and doing my own weekly weigh in. I'm trying to stick at around 1500 cals but some days I'm under, some days I'm a little over. In general I'm mainly trying to keep it healthy and I find the healthier choices I make, the more I can eat usually.

I'm doing the same as you, I am trying to eat smaller portions than my boyfriend. I'm also trying to formalise food a bit more. For example, I have to sit down at the table and eat my meals instead of watching TV or being at the computer not paying attention to what I'm eating. I'm also trying to make sure that if I have something sweet like chocolate that I eat it when I'm with other people and not on my own when I'm likely to overeat.

So yeah, I think you can do it on your own but I think it's important to keep track of things by yourself just so that you keep yourself going in the right direction.

Good luck :)

x Alex x

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There's no harm in 'going it alone', try it for a few months and if you lose weight well hey presto, if not how about getting together with another friend who wants to lose weight rather than joining a slimming club.

I am presently going it alone.......and am on a plateau atm...........but previously slimming world was the only slimminh club I felt truely happy at.


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babe...i am always making it up as I go along!

I've always said diets are like shoes, you have to try them on for size and pick the most comfy!

I'm like alex - i feel most happy at slimming world, everything else just doesn't sit well with me.


x Alex x

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S: 13st3lb C: 13st0.2lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 0st2.8lb(1.51%)
babe...i am always making it up as I go along!

I've always said diets are like shoes, you have to try them on for size and pick the most comfy!

I'm like alex - i feel most happy at slimming world, everything else just doesn't sit well with me.


I would go back to SW, but my life is so full with everything else at the moment, i don't think I could truely commit, plus I'm saving at the moment and the £5 a week to SW I just can't justify.

another tactic I'm using is, for example, take a chocolate bar in the supermarket for £1. it says "buy me, buy me", i imagine I take the £1 out of my purse and pay for it, and where does the £1 go???...i imagine it on the scales as a '+1', at my weigh in

sounds weird i know, but it seems to be stopping me over spending at the weekly shop, and it means I come home without the chocolate, cakes and other crap, etc

a tactic some others might want to try? (Gracie re: your baby fund?????)
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You absolutly can go it alone! You know what is good and what isn't! I was 12 odd stone only 8 or 9 years ago. Going to a club never appealed to me and i was too self conscious to even attend a gym. I started off on the Rosemary Conely diet (which at the age of 12 or 13 my step mother suggested) I did walking and hand held weights and 'proper' cardio was too full on. I also found Callenetics DVD worked great, along with the Davina DVDS. For the past few years i have lost a further 2 or 3 stone by eating small portions (absolute believer of this). Im talking a handful roast potatoes, same of broccoli and a chicken breast. I now do Kettlebells (such good fun at home) and my exercise bike, along with trampette and ab dvds. Don't let yourself get over hungry either, it only stick on harder when you finally do eat. I think temptation is the biggest thing to deal with (certainly is for me). If you have will power though you are already there. If you know what to eat, when to eat it and how to work out then your only problem is the daily temptations. Personally i resist temptation by shopping online for our weekly shop - this also helps if on a budget! If we go to a shop with 'naughty' food i look away, same with adverts i turn the tv on mute or divert my attention. Ultimatly i think to myself 'whats the point in spending money to get fat and I'll only have to work doubly hard on my workout'. Another effective one is, people always try and compensate the bad item by saying, ill work out extra hard. Image if you didnt eat it in the first place, how much more you would lose!

This is just my tactics anyway - suffice to say I'm still not happy with my weight at 9 stone and still want to lose atleast another 1 stone. Goodluck!


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We're so lucky these days that we've got the internet as an always-available tool to help us out. I can totally see why some people need to attend meetings and weigh-ins to get that face-to-face support, but that's not something that is important to me personally. I only joined this forum a few days ago but have been going it alone since January, calorie counting and increasing my exercise levels. That really suits me and I've been losing weight doing it, but I think some people need to try a few things before they find what best suits them. Good luck :)


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Hi, I'm like you and have tried all of the main stream diets and some of the wacky ones too. I'm currently doing slimfast which I find works quite well - especially if you want to eat a family evening meal. It isn't too dear and after a few days you'll find that you don't get hungry as the shakes I find pretty filling. I also use a box of salad/crudites to add a bit more "chewing". I've found that the fact I don't have to measure/count calories during the day or try to find low call versions of my favourite foods means I think about food less. Snacks are included and my evening meal is sometimes a ready meal or a small portion of a regular meal. I found the constant pressure of doing full calorie counting meant I was forever thinking about/planning meals. So it feels like a "proper" formal diet without the cost. Good luck with the weight loss and the pregnancy.

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