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Anyone else marathon training and doing SW?


Yummy mummy to be!
Not doing a marathon but doing the great south run in Oct. I know its a long way away so i'm also going to do race for life in may/june time.

Not training yet as im a morning runner and a bit of a woos when it comes to cold weather and darkness! Will prolly start traiing again in march, hopefully no more snow by then:)

Any ways; why don't you try and exchange your lucozade for water and have some SS fruit instead. Banana is a great scource of energy and keeps me going.
Bananas just to hard to carry for 26 miles end up with a mushy mess! Most fruits are hard to carry and not always easy to eat on the run. Unless someone else can peel it and hand it to you but can't persuade anyone to do that on long runs.

But thanks for the suggestions and good luck with the great north run

I did a half marathon in the end of November, but I was already pg then and have a nice little bump now, so training to get fitter seems a bit pointless as I know it is going to go to waste... I get SPD when pg, and get to the point where I cannot get out of bed, let alone run. But I am due in the beginning of August, so hope to do the same half marathon next November! :) I gained half a stone training for my first half marathon, this time i managed to STS but I had to make a concious effort not to overcompensate for the used energy.

Do you have to drink lucozade all the time? I just used water, with L just when I was feeling run down. Jelly babies are an old runner's favourite, and you should be able to have a few within your syn budget.

I used to do WW and there you get extra points if you do exercise... Could you now allow yourself a few extra syns on long run days??

Good luck!
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

I can easily run a half marathon with no lucozade or gels etc but once i get over 16 miles i need something.

I have done jelly babies but they go down so easily can really rack up the syns . And i mainly use lucozade hydro active which is fairly low syns but need to get used to regular lucozade ready for marathon day as that is all they offer on the route and carrying two bottles for 4 and a half hours gets tiring LOL. If i don't train with what I will be offered on race day it can seriously effect my stomache (have to dilute it for a couple of weeks first to get used to it)

I have done marathons before while doing WW and think that is what I may do add in extra syns on long run days

Thank you for the suggestion
Yes, I took a risk and used gels for the first time on the race day - having found out I was pg I wanted to be extra careful not to let my blood sugar dip as I have collapesed once before during a race - but I must admit I was a bit worried about using it for the first time!

When is your race and how many miles do you do now on your long runs? I am quite happy with my halves, but DH does full marathons too :)
I am doing the london marathon april 25th.

But also doing the nottingham and derby kilomathon march 14th

I have had major problems in the past with lucozade like products dizziness and queasiness but also know i need them.

Have done lots of halves and quite a few marathons too

My longest run so far is 15.6 last week hope to do 16 or 17 this week


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