Anyone else not looking forward to food?.

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  1. Trancer

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    Lighter Life
    I mean when the dieting is over and you are back on regular food. I find the shakes so easy, nothing to measure, nothing to plan, nothing to think about, no worries about inappropriate portions or foods, just mix, drink and get on with life.
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  3. That's_So_Fetch

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    Cambridge Diet
    I'm abit worried about how i will go about staying healthy and keeping my junk food etc to a minimum. At the mo, because we cant have any junk food ( i know we should give this up anyway, lol) and i had to give up all my treats cold turkey when i went on CD, i do crave it alot and i get worried that i will just stuff my face as soon as i am off the diet. But i am going off it abit and i have lotsa things in place to help keep me on track.

    I am also worried about weight gain when i start eatin real food again. But i intend to stick to maintainance and hopefully there will be no weight gain.

    I find the milkshakes easy but i miss meeting up for lunch with friends and eating popcorn at the pics etc, so i guess i am looking forward to eating in that perspective.

    xx :)
  4. jane

    jane Opinionated

    I'm frankly terrified of the whole thing.
    I want to be able to eat food, the shakes are a little dull, but as you saythey are safe & simple.

    Real food requires decisions. Lots & lots of decisions. What,when, how much.
    Also here's the expectations..Realfood should be enjoyed.Shakes only have to be tolerated/adhered to.

    I'm definately gonna be camping out on my CDC's doorstep later this summer when I start moving up the stages cos I want to pick every possible tip & strategy from her thatIcan.!
  5. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    I used to be terrified about returning to food but i just moved up to 790 & really enjoying the different textures and tastes. Remember when you do start eating again your stomach can't take as much as it use to, so you feel full after quite a small
  6. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Yeah but how long before it eturns to it's previous 'infinate capaity'?
    that's my worry (or one of them)
  7. Russiandoll

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    Cambridge Weight Plan - Step 1
    In my case Jane - not long! I SS'd last year for six months straight (didn't even do AAM) but didn't reach goal so didn't do the maintenance steps. I fell off the wagon and found it very hard to get back on with SSing - than I had a Depo Provera jab in Feb and it all went to rats from there.

    I had developed a terrible 'all or nothing' attitude to food which, frankly, verged on an eating disorder. I had tunnel vision ... 'I must SS, I must SS, I must SS' - then failing and binging in response to that failure.
    I've changed over to the JUDDD plan in order to face food head on but in a structured way and I'm pleased to say that, so far, it's working for me.

    I do know that many people have had much more success that I have following the CD plan to the letter ... reaching goal and then following the maintenance steps - that's obviously the key. It's when you fall off the plan then can't get back on that you can encounter problems.
  8. alipally

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    I honestly know how you're feeling and it is normal to be a bit wary of returning to food after such a break....
    The best advice I can give is this...
    About a stone to a stone and a half away from goal prepare for REALLY SLOW weight loss.... this is a journey guys, not a race... there are no prizes for crossing the finish line 1st!
    The aim is for you to be eating normal food by the time you reach your personal goal....
    Remember that if you do what you always did you WILL get what you always got. Normal eating does not entail regular Maccy D's and takeaway food, although this can be an Occasional treat.
    Start slowly by adding a meal for at least 2 weeks, then 790 for another 2 or 3 weeks then move gradually into the 1000 plan with time spent on both parts (with less and more carbs) then up to 1200 and finally moving into 1500 before gradually eating 100 cals per day more per week until you maintain your weight. This is possibly the hardest part of the diet. Then as I'm sure Karion will confirm you should continue to closely monitor your weight for 2 years... Go and see your counsellor regularly during that time, you owe it to yourself. The research shows that if you maintain your loss for 2 years you are likely to maintain for life!
    Please don't imagine that you will be able to go straight from SS up to full food without any consequences.... you will get a glycogen rebound that will look hideous on the scales (up to 20lb have been regained in a week in my experience when clients go on holiday and go mad!)

    You can call this the voice of experience.... I'm giving you the benefit of learning from my own massive mess up.... you are perfectly at liberty to make your own choices, but for my clients at least, this advice has worked.... I have maintainers coming up to a year now..... they still come and see me once a fortnight!
    I hope that this helps put it into perspective.
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  9. Mrs Pink

    Mrs Pink Banned

    Thanks Ali thats helpful advice
    Mrs P
  10. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Same here:eek: I was amazed how much I could tuck away. It was scary!
  11. spooky

    spooky Banned

    This is something I am concerned about. I am only in week 3, but the convenience is brilliant. Never having to worry about what's on your plate.
    I have had issues with food in the past, not to eating disorder level, but I know and understand why I was eating so much. I think I will have to develop a mantra to stop me piling my plate up high.....
  12. barcababex

    barcababex Full Member


    I know how u all feel I'm dreading real food doing 790 this week was meant to start last week but had throat infection so didnt reaaly have anything not even the packs, I only did SS for 3 weeks so I am really dreading food!!!

  13. Trancer

    Trancer Member

    Lighter Life
    I still haven't given any thought to setting my goal, so I don't know how far away from it I am.

    I know the CD plan is to increase calories on the various steps, but I am really not looking forward to that aspect of it, just seems like too much hassle.

    I may decide to switch to another plan that doesn't require weighing and measuring everything and won't have such drastic weight loss whenever I decide that I have lost enough.
  14. jane

    jane Opinionated

    V helpful thankyou.
    The 2 yr thing is the light at the end of the tunnel for me.The statistics other than this are so depressing.
    The thought that if after several years of daily discipline & maintaining you werejust as much at risk of rebound weight gain as after day 1 at goal would be too scary & depressing

    karion, you mean with in a few days or weeks of ceasing to SS?

    Trancer, I may be getting obsessed with the mainenance problem but it seems to me that you can never be over prepared for it, but it's all too easy to be underprepared.
  15. jane

    jane Opinionated

  16. bunnycd

    bunnycd Full Member

    Phew this 1000 cal is dam hard plus the gym - you are right it is the hardest part. I think I have lost a total of 1lbs this week so far but I keep telling myself it's ok to eat carbs it's not going to stick on the butt Elaine! It is easier to just SS than go to the gym and I have my personal training session tomorrow so that will be hard going. Anyway see you after I get back off my holiday I hope I don't shoot up 20lbs (SCAREY) and hope you are ok. Love E
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