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Anyone else really struggle to eat?

Me too, but its only day 2 for me, Yesterday I really struggled with my last shake - was not hungry at all. Today I still have half my bar left, & have only been drinking water & black coffee (Yuk!)

I will have the milkshake earlier today after the school run & then soup again about 7pm. Hope it stays that im not hungry - mind you I'm thinking about the diet 24/7
I am in ketosis and still have hungry days now and then, full on, pure and evil hunger lol! But some days are a breeze...


On a hungry or non hungry day I NEVER struggle to eat haha hence why I am here trying to undo some of that damage :D
I have no physical hunger at present just the ocassional craving now and agian, I also find it quite a strugle to finish of the packs
Yes - I think thats it. When I had my chicken salad on Saturday night, I wasn't hungry, but still managed to eat it all. So maybe it's just the packs I'm struggling with!
I struggle to eat the bars anyway, can't quite get used to the taste, but hey that's just me, I know lots of members love them. I'm so craving food today...think its the old 'hand to mouth' routine. Made a kinda muffin/cookie at lunch time and that helped a little. That said ketosis or not, I'm sure I could consume half my kitchen contents if I allowed myself!! lol
I find it very hard to get all my packs in and am very naughty of late and have been missing half a pack of a full pack a day.

I am coming off the diet for a few weeks so hoping I can stick to only eating small amounts.
God I wish!! I devour every bar and shake within about 7 seconds!!!!!
BuxomBarrister said:
God I wish!! I devour every bar and shake within about 7 seconds!!!!!
Me too :)
It seems like it varies having read all the replies. Currently I am absolutely starving so I'd be quite happy to be struggling to finish a bar... Bring on the ketosis for me!
I get like that after a couple of weeks of 100%
I have only occasionally felt like eating. In the first few days I couldn't always manage 3 packs, was struggling to finish two.

When I am hungry, it's usually head hungriness which passes with a glass of coke zero or a pint of water. If I still feel hungry I have sometimes had slices of wafer thin ham, or a poached egg.
I know ketosis is mean't to curb your appetite, but I'm really struggling to eat anything!

I've only just finished my bar that I started at 9am this morning!

Is this normal - I see others posting about hunger, but I just don't fancy a thing!
I feel like this, especially when on AAMW. Have to force it down! I only had one milkshake on day eswell...just completely forgot! So just trying to force them down! it's crazy how now don't fancy anything xxx

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