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Anyone else slimming for their wedding?

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
I am a bride-to-be but we're not getting married until 2012 in Italy! Will def be at target by then! What a great motivator hun xx


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oh lovely! are you booked already? that is super organised! how exciting! where in italy?

i have my dress, i had to buy it in a size 22 :( but i've lost 1.5stone since then and im hoping to lose another 1.5 so that will be 3 stone off and my dress taken in! i hope!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Oh no - no where near that organised! Just know that it will be in Italy, small do and probably September 2012! I have lots of friends getting married this year so not really going to start thinking about mine until next year otherwise everyone's heard it all before - I want to be the centre of attention lol - have had a couple of moments where I've started to think of themes and stuff but sure my ideas will change over the next year or so!!

Am sure you'll need your dress taken in loads xx


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oh lovely Gemmy Lou - where? are you all sorted?

Devon Dumpling (I love the word dumpling btw! it's one of my favourite words!!) that's cute! it's good to have an idea and think of things as you go along, my ideas have changed so much since i got engaged.

i was gutted ordering my dress, because i wear a size 18 clothes and they said they needed to get me a 22! bleugh! but i really hope it needs to be taken in a LOT! haha!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
You'll look gorgeous hun xxx
Nobody will be looking at the size of your dress!!

Yeah, I am pretty much sorted. I start my fittings in a few weeks which is scary. But everything else it pretty much there!!

Got my honeymoon jabs next week which I am not looking forward to but you've got to take the rough from the smooth, right?!


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aww lovely! what's your dress like? where you off to on honeymoon?
Um... It is ivory and quite intricate and lacey. It is so hard to describe!!!
I will try and find a pic for you...

We are going to the Maldives. I cannot wait!

How about you? What have you got planned? Still lots to do?
Me me me!! I'm getting married on 18th September in Kent, very excited it is finally less than 6 months away!!

Only want to lose about 7lb-1st before the wedding, but wanting to keep going after if I can. Finding it hard to keep motivated at the moment with the diet, so I'm going to start to cook up batches of meals at the weekends so I haven't got to worry when I get in in the evenings.

Also joined the gym that my H2B goes to at the weekend and have my induction tonight! Already booked in for step, yoga and legs, bums and tums classes over the next week so hopefully that'll help shift the pounds!!
the Maldives! you lucky things how gorgeous!!!

i'm kind of half way done and can't be bothered to do anymore!!! i have my dress and i've ordered my veil (birdcage) and we've found the suits for the boys. i've got my presents for the bridesmaid and flower girls and their dresses, but not even looked at mine or thier shoes! maybe we'll do it barefoot as it's on the beach (and saves cash and effort!!)

we've got the restaurant for dinner sorted (on the terrace overlooking the sea) and i've sorted the photographer and videographer. I was going to do favours, but i've decided against it. i've got personalised placenames and i've arranged OOT bags too with our wedding logo on them.

i've arranged a FYEO photoshoot as my gift to my H2B, that's in June. gulp!!

we're having a party at home when we get back, but im considering cancelling, because money is REALLY tight. but i really wanted to party with everyone that can't come and wear my dress again :( i need a lotto win!
haha! i love that idea! ;)
my daughter gets married in july this year- so does that count !!! LOL
I dont want to be the fat Mother of the bride- cos all my family will be pointing and sniggering :(
Hey brides to be (and mum of the bride to be!) I'm getting married on 28th May this year - 8 weeks on Friday!!!! I'm FINALLY starting to get excited about it. I've been so prepared, I've got nothing left to do now until the week before the wedding (apart from OH and I need to choose the music for the various points in the wedding ceremony)...... seems odd to not have to worry about anything! lol
Hi there. A big congratulations to all of you with upcoming weddings. I got engaged in February and am getting married on 3rd July, so didn't give myself much time to slim :( I'm desperate for some top tips as the weight is not coming off as quickly as I'd like. I would like to lose between 1.5 and 2 stone and I know I have a mammouth task on my hands. You would think that getting married was a great motivation to stick to the plan, but for some reason I just seem to be really struggling. Would love to hear some inspirational stories.
Hey all you Brides and mother of the brides to be!! WAHOO! girls tell me about your wedding plans? have you got dresses? have you booked venues? tell tell!

Sozzle - how exciting! i wanted to do it quickly but as we're getting married abroad we needed to give people more time to save! have you got your dress yet? getting mine was all the inspiration i needed to lose weight!