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anyone else starting solesource tommorow?

thanks for reply, hope my losses are as good as yours, i'm finding this site really inspiring and havent been off it for days! it's my new ebay lol!!!


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hi im on day 4, but wanted to wish you good luck and say stick it out, these first days can be tough but its getting easier already, i just keep thinking of size 10 jeans, i AM gonna have some... and wear them lol xxx
thanks ciara, let's hope it's not too bad, im determined!

I'm just at the end of wk 3 but wanted to say good luck. Once you get through the first few days it gets easier and if you feel low come on here and have a moan, we've all been through it so it helps!! xx
Hi, I'm just starting week 2. But feel free to chat. I'm like you. I'm addicted to this site my new food! Unfortunately, I'm still addicted to ebay! Anyway, good luck, you'll be fine; it is hard but it's definitely doable. And so worth it. After a week people are already commenting that I'm thinner (love it!)


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Good luck to you! I'm on day four and sometimes it's hard, but when you weigh yourself and see that the weight is moving already, it helps a lot! I recommend drinking a lot of water, and if you feel a hunger pang, have something like a good cup of black tea or coffee. It always helps to reduce my hunger until my next soup/shake/porridge etc.

And like everyone has said before me, this is a lovely supportive forum, so if you feel down, come on here for a bit of encouragement and a good old cheering up!


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Hi Lifetimerloser, I am going to see my CDC tomorrow and will be starting on Thursday. I went to see my doc today and she has signed the medical form for me to go on the SS program. So you will be only 1 day ahead of me. So we can cold turkey together lol. Good luck with your first day tomorrow. Drop a line and let me know how your doing. Good luck :D


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Hi there, well I'm restarting again tomorrow 100% I've promised myself that! I will report in and see how you're doing...let's go for it!

All the best x


wants big losses!
Thank you Foosey, all the best to you on Thurs - all raring to go eh! Will keep you posted
thanks all, my first day has been good so far! had 3 choc tetra's (boring i know) but not one for soup! no headaches so far, feel fine, just hope it lasts!lol thanks for support, we can do this x
great, well done. I restarted today and so far so good.


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Hey all,
I am am now on day 3 and feeling not too bad today. Don't seem to have a headache today. I hate the soups so your not missing much Lifetimeloser. How is your day four going?
Hey Sarah, how are you coping hun?
Keep up the good work xxxx


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Curvalicious, good for you keep up the good work hun.
Awwwww who's the baby in the picture absolutely adorable?
Lets keep strong, we can do this together. xx