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Anyone else starting today.

Well it day one for me today and i am feeling goood.
Thanks to you guys who helped me with my ticker i finally got it sorted.

Any one else on day 1 ssing, would love to here from you.
I started originally last year but really did not give the diet a chance, and stopped after 3 weeks, since then i have been doing the yo yo thing and managed to load up almost another stone.

So here we go, Shakin all the way to the land of slimdon.

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Doing it for keeps now!!
I'm lurking and trying a restarted Day One today :eek:
Hiya Jot!

It day 1 restart for me...had a crappy wk last wk, but determined to have a great one this week. All the best and keep us posted k.

Keep gluggin on the water!
Thanks Yummymummy,

You have lost loads how long has it took you and are you ssing?
Must admit i am in the right frame of mind this time, got the kids off to school this morning and had my shake and went for a walk with my dog. Its my day off work today so have a bit of time to find some pals at minimins. It a fab site.



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Hi Jot!

I have been SSing for a week or so now, and I wanted to wish you good luck! I have only started but I feel in my bones that it is the start of a new life for me, and it seems to be the same for you!!!!!

This very good feeling of being in control is what gets me, and many other SSers, through the days. Mini targets help as well: do you have any?

Good luck again, and keep us posted on your progress :D

Hi Elie,

thanks for your message, you are doing briliantly!! Goals; would love to lose 10lb's by the end of feb and lose another stone in march. i feel that taking food out of the equation is the best thing for me to help give me back some self control. i have just been eating mindlessly lately and my body has had enough!

Keep in touch.



Doing it for keeps now!!
Well I'm one shake down and ready to start on the glugging!:D
Hi Jot
This is my 1st day as well but my 4th time on the cd due to medical problems which are fine now and wont bore you with. I am so pleased I'm back on it as I have gained 4lb in a week so you can imagine what i would have been in a couple of weeks. Anyway just thought I would say hi and keep in touch


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very good targets Jot! And ones that you can easily achieve!!!! You should put them in your sig (if you have enough room yet), as it is such a great feeling to write "achieved" everytime you reach them :D

Whick flavours did you buy for the 1st week? For my 1st week, I took a little bit of everything, and then I could decide which one I prefered. There are some that really made me gag :eek:

Hi Whitey,

Know that feeling i have put on a stone in the last 10 months now i am 14st 12lb and god i feel horrible, i am only 5.4 tall and starting to look very round.

Yes lets keep in touch on the way to the land of slimdon.

Have to be honest i had all chocolate powders, so i can have a cold shake and a hot chocolate.
can't have the bars just yet which is probably a good thing, but i did try some of the soups and did not enjoy them, but its personal taste and i might try again once i am firmly on track.
I did have some of the water flavouring summer berry which is lovely and would recommend this is you get a bit fed up with just plain old water.


Doing it for keeps now!!
HI Ladies!!

Well I am now 2 Shakes and 2L of water down...so far so good, but I ahve been here before on my first day...goes really well...until Day 2 or 3 and then...disaster!!

I'm seeing my CDC tonight...got a cancellation, so stocking up on more favourite flavours - only got vanilla left here!!

More tetras needed too for work...they are a godsend!!:D

How are you guys doing so far? Will be nice to have a few of us on the road together!!

I lost 16lbs in my first 3 weeks but crashed on week 4 and crap weekend of week 5 so am hoping this a a fresh start....Have only 14lbs off now.

Hoping to get down to 9.5st eventually. I'm only 5'3.
Hi girlies,

Yes i am worried about the crash and burn around day 3 but i have a really busy day a work on wednesday and i am out on the evening so i am hoping it will rush by unoticed. I think my challenge is going to be the friday eve thing when i put the kids to bed and inhale my usual bottle of zinfandel, well water this friday. But i know in my heart of hearts i have to commit this time.

good luck, keep strong

Hi guys!

2 shakes down but I'm kinda struggling with the water! I'm working tonight so its a going to be a extra long day. :(
Will be saving my tetra pack for my late night meal. I usually put mine in the freezer for a couple of hours and its like yummy ice cream!:D

Nellis our targets are about the same as we are the same height!

Jot, I know what you mean about the friday night thing! I usually sit down to gorgeous bottle of blossom hill zinfadel on a fri night! I'll def. be willing you on this fri night, while sipping my water of course!

Good luck all and lets keep eachother posted!!:)
Yes thats my fav to, i think i will be on here friday eve to get some inspiration.
God i just cooked tea for hubby and kids even the humble sprout was tempting, but i kept my mouth shut. i have had all my shakes for today, but i am out this eve so it will take my mind off foooooood!!