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Anyone else struggling with morning sickness?


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I'm having the most horrendous morning, or rather all day sickness ever... Really wasn't expecting it either because I was fine with my first pregnancy....
Trying to make sure I get lots of goodness and colories in the few things I do eat and manage to keep down.
Such a head messer actively trying to eat things that are slightly more calorific so the baby gets some nutrients after dieting and watching what I eat for so long!
Has anyone else found this?
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Hi yes i have really been suffering ive lost 9lbs in the last 3 weeks, fingers crossed its passing as ive not been sick in the past 3 days but still feeling it! ive been taking the pregnancy vitamins to try and get at that the baby needs as some days all ive managed to eat is a slice of toast. I have tried the anti sickness bands but they had no effect alos i found that not drinking and eating at the same time helps. Hope it gets better soon hun xx


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I've bought some pregnancy vitamins today.. I'm like you was worried baby wasn't getting anything!
I'll try not drinking and eating at the same time.. although I think I've been doing that anyway with the not eating much!!
Hope yours is passing :0) hopefully mine will soon too!


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i am unfortunately still getting it, although not particularly badly at the moment. i do feel rather awful this morning. am trying to work out what i can have for brekkie :)

abz xx
I had it the whole time with my daughter so im not really expecting it to go away, 4 days without it and its back today :-(! think the 9lbs i lost will go back on soon tho as ive got my appitite back lol xx


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ha. i never lost anything. i ate an awful lot of carbs because it was the only thing that stopped the nausea... didn't stop me being sick a couple of times a day, but was much better than all the time... but of course it means that now, because it never went away, i'm feeling like a total bloater!!

abz xx
lol well u no what they say "it takes 9 months to put it on so 9 months to get if off"...if your luck lol! xx


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I was sick with my first 3 but this time i havent been, Sometimes i wish i did feel sick to make me remember that i am truly pregnant. Oh well first scan next friday so picture will make it all the more real, as tried for so long before bfp.


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No offence.. but I'm glad that so many other people are feeling sick as well....
I've been a bit worried that is was worse than it should be because I didn't really get it last time!!
My ticker is looking a bit scary this week...!
Don't worry about the baby getting enough calories - it will take what it needs. I was what they charmingly call hyper-emetic all the way through my first pregnancy. Literally threw up 20 hours a day from week 6 until the emergency Caesar in week 35. I was throwing up on the way into theatre!

I finished the pregnancy weighing less than I started and the baby was fine - despite being 5 weeks early he weighed 7lb 8oz and was (and is) as healthy as anything. Your body will give the baby what it needs.

I'm on my second pregnancy now and am as bad as last time but am hoping the sickness might pass sooner this time. I start puking at about 6am and it normally lasts right round til 2am so I'm feeling very tired. I've lost 6lb in the last 2 weeks but I did that last time too and the baby was OK so I'm not going to worry too much. I figure the reason I'm losing the weight is that the baby needs my fat! I do take the vits and the folic acid.

Hope it passes for you soon and you can start enjoying the pregnancy.

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