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Anyone else trying for a baby?


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I know a lot of people are, and from reading stuff there have been some positive results too :)


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We were trying a few months ago but nothing was happening so we stopped for a while for me to loose weight to see if that help. On the pill again now but will see soon?!?!


please try again
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not trying as such just not preventing it either, been over a year now and nothing :(

but then it did take 3 and a half years to concieve last time


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I'm not trying but we haven't used contreception in 5 years and nothing has happened. So I am hoping that by losing weight and my partner giving up smoking something may happen in the future.


Is determined to do this!
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I am hoping to start trying towards the end of the year. I want to loose weight before that as don't think my body could handle all the extra weight on top of all this. Plus I want to have a cute bump this time and actually look pregnant, not fat, and hopefully avoid gestational diabetes. So here's hoping! lol Good luck ladies, we can do it! :D


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When I lost a load of weight last time on CD I got pregnant:D had to stop the diet 3 stone from goal though, but did'nt care really.

She's just turned 2yrs:).

Losing weight really helped and relaxing also. Im now back on SS to shift all the baby weight now.:rolleyes:

No more babies for me, I have 3 and I'm complete:)

Good luck
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Yes i am, have been trying for 2 years now. I could do with losing some weight although this is not for me to fall pregnant, i am just alot heavier than i use to be or like

I will say though that i think this CB diet has messed my cycles up, i am CD57 now have not had a long cycle like this for a long time & i had surgery back in March to sort my cycles out (ovarian drilling) & i had 1 shorter cycle that has not gone back to being super long. This cycle has been very funny & i have experienced things that i would not normally. I do think it is this diet


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we might TTC later in the year for the last time.


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We'll be TTC #2 in December/January. My Son is 10months old and when I got pregnant with him I was 8 stone overweight. Whilst I didn't have any problems conceiving I do not want to be that overweight and pregnant again as it was awful. Such hard work, especially in the summer months! Nobody knew I was pregnant, you couldn't tell. My belly carries most of my weight anyway so i just looked a bit fatter. i had a c-section and being so overweight meant it was hard for my scar to heal and I felt embarrassed in theatre and afterwards.
Good Luck to those who are ttc now x
i am trying for a baby i was on the injection to cover me from falling pregnant for 3 years and i came off November 2008 so its 2 years this November and i want a baby more than anything i no i can have babys as i got caught in 2006 but miscarried.

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