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Anyone else with young children?

Just wondering how you are coping with feeding your children? I have a 4 year old, a 2 year old and 4 month old and find it so difficult not being able to check the temperatures of stuff or even not tasting a diluted drink! My 2 year old is also always tring to feed me!
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I've got 4 boys. Age 14, twins age 6 and a baby 6 mths. Older 3 are fine. Before I give them their dinner I drink a shake so I'm not tempered.

With regard to feeding baby Aaron I do touch his food off my top lip. I've lost 2 stone in 6 weeks so I assume that is okay. As regard juice I measure it, supposed to be 1 part juice to 4 parts water but I add a little extra water, juice lasts longer, I save money and it's healthier for them lol.

For the baby I don't buy special baby juice such a waste of money. I barely colour the water with a few drops of unsweetened regular juice and he is happy with it so I don't need to taste it.
I have a five yr old lil gal. She is finding it very hard to understand why i am not eating at dinner time. ( when i have my breakfast and lunch she will be in school)
I also live with my mum and neice who are watching out for me, to make sure i succeed on the diet. Now my daughter thinks they are not being nice to me coz they are not giving me food. She has been trying to sneak her food to me. Ah bless her. I really dont know how else i can make her understand that i am doing this to get healthier and fitter. I have tried but ti no avail. She told me she is ok with mummy being big becoz she wants mummy to look like a giant.lol

However this has motivated me more as i am telling my self that once i reach my goal, i will make sure i eat healthly and exercise so i will not have to miss the special moments ,when i have dinner with my family.
I am determined that the whole family will eat healthy meals only


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hy i have two girls 8yrs and a 7 month old finding it hard to do lt and my day 2 day routine with them xxx
I have a 2 and a half year old. She keeps saying to me mammy where's your dinner? But, she loves the blender and gets so excited when I make a shake! ha ha bless her
I've got a 3 yr old and a 7 yr old. My little man doesn't really seem to notice that I'm not eating as still sit down for dinner with them at the table in the evening and he is obsessed with blending my shakes for me and comes running in whenever he hears the blender. My daughter is slightly older so I have explained that mummy is not very well because she is too big ( I have asthma) and this is medicine to make her better as didn't want he to worry about Diets and being overweight, as tryin not to pass on my food issues to her.
I have a 4 month old son, well 5 month next week. Just test his milk on my wrist as always and if I have checked it by mouth iv spat it back out! Its the dad thats the problem! I stopped cooking for him (told him he would have to do it himself) and he lost loads of weight cos he's that lazy he would rather get snacks than cook!! So ended up cooking for him again but to be truthful although its hard it makes it easier when u do come into contact with food cos your used to being around it and resisting :) well for me it does anyway

@Jacqui good one re your daughter, my mum has always been on a diet as long as iv known her and never been slim (although she was before she had me, her 4th) and my sister is obese too, although iv only become obese in the past couple of years, previously I have been bulimic and had issues re staying thin since my teens, I presume part of that could be down to my mum's dieting


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have a four month old son so luckily he's not weaning yet i aim to complete the programme by the time he's ready for weaning so i don't have the temptation of his food, baby milk doesn't really cut it for me so I'm fine there!
Nice to see that I'm not the only one in this boat! I used be a devil for picking their food! I will be weaning my baby next month too so will hopefully be refeeding by then:)
I have an eleven year old and a four year old. My little one keeps on asking me "Are you having your milkshake today mummy or are you having the same as me?" so sweet :p

i have 4 children 9,8,6 and 1 im on day two and so far finding it quite easy. My children keep asking about when im having my next shake its my sons 10th birthday and they all keep saying mum will you be able to have some of the cake and mum what will you do when we go on holiday lol.

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