anyone ever thought of going to overeaters anon?

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  1. artemis

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    I found overeaters anon online. Has anyone ever thought of going?

    I clearly am an overeater and always have been, i was thinking it might help. It follows the same idea as AA.

    There is a meeting tonight, but im a chicken and afraid to go. But im very curious...
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  3. Russiandoll

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    I've considered it in the past but was a bit wary as it seemed to have some sort of 'religious' element to it (or did I imagine that?)
    If you're curious and the meeting is near you, why not pop along and see what it's about? You're not signing your life away by checking it out ... :)
  4. Tazzi

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    i was recommended it. I had a few eating problems with being sick quite a bit and i couldnt face the eating disorders meeting cos if you have one your supposed to be a twig. So i considered it but like you i chickened out.
    Taz x
  5. KD

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    I looked into it ready for when I finished Cambridge. There were a few things I agreed with, but enough that I disagreed with to put me off.

    I liked the fact that you learn not to make desire = action (great believer in that), and that it isn't just another diet, but really works on the head stuff. I also like that they say self-esteem comes from inside ourselves and not from others. I agree that our body signals are out of whack, but they are encouraged to never listen to them, rather than learn to tune into them.

    I didn't like the fact that you had to admit that you were powerless. You couldn't do it yourself. You were useless and needed someone to answer to over everything you put in your mouth. I felt that I needed something that gave me confidence in my own abilities, not something that makes me feel I'm incapable of controlling my actions.

    The higher power bit doesn't have to be a god, but can be anything 'spiritual'. As a Humanist, that wouldn't suit me unless I consider myself a higher power...which wouldn't work if I have to consider that I'm hopeless.:p

    I don't like the idea that I would have to stick to a food plan and have to ask permission from my sponsor to deviate. In other words, if I wasn't hungry I would have to eat regardless or phone them up and ask for permission to forego brekkie.

    If I did succeed, I would have to be thankful to my higher power. After all, I'm helpless. I wouldn't be able to do it myself, so anything 'good' that I appear to manage is nothing to do with me at all:confused:

    Also the fact that they consider that we are addicts as so cannot control our actions. Okay, I believe I'm an addict, but I also believe that what I do and what I am are different. I cannot accept that I have to make the wrong choices because I am fundamentally flawed as a human being.

    I also didn't like that you had to promise never to touch your trigger foods again. I preferred to learn how to control them.

    So it wasn't for me.:p
  6. cah-ching

    cah-ching Gold Member

    i did but didn't persue
  7. fitter at 51

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    maintaining /G.I after L.L.
    Hi i was in O.A for a number of years and got lots of help as iwas and still am a complusive eater who is powerless over food but the program is much more than that and it does mention a "power greater than yourself" That power can be anything you or anybody else defines. People are not supposed to dicate to another what they should or should not beleive in. It can help to identify your "life problems " and work on them on a continious basis and is a spritual program where you get group support and sponsership. You call in your food or have an agereed food plan working on your needs avoiding your triggers. For many its sugar,processed foods,alcohol, flour so on. That is defined as abstience.

    May people have the desire to over eat /under eat taken away and many like myself do not. I follow ed another program of C.E.A.HOW complusive eaters anonymous and lost and keep all my weight for for many years it was fantastic for me very rigid and basic but my weight and food like the cambridge was weighted measured 3 times a day nothing in between except gum and diet drinks tea coffee with milk if you wanted it from your allowance.

    I did not eat anything which contained sugar so it did resrict but i was in a mess for25+ years anyway so it was worth it for me its not for every body like any food plan but i learnt so much whilst in recovery unfortunately i did relapse but backin a good place with my food As they say "we only ever have to do it for today and any one can do that?

    Karion you seemed to have what i want and i read your words which are on my plane of thinking but cant articulate like your self.
    You could be to some online a" higher power" meaning you are giving supprt and outreach to many it can be as simple as that.
    Good luck to every one what ever their path/road they take.
  8. DaveP

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    Holy moly this OA sounds like a bloody sect.
  9. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I missed this message:eek:
    That message was very articulate. I don't feel that I write well, but I have soooo much to say :D, so sod it;)

    :D Does a bit doesn't it. But hey, if it works:cool:
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