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Anyone fed up eating dinners?


Vegetarian who lives2eat
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I am so fed up with eating proper dinners, I am not a cook,actually hate preparing food,would so much rather eat a yogurt and crackers and cream cheese with grapes, I know to make the plan work I have to eat properly and I do but sometimes when I look at all the veg in the pan I just cant face it,and I love veg normally!, if I dont eat it I am starving later but does any one else think that they now eat far more than they did?
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Vegetarian who lives2eat
G: 11st0lb
I never eat pasta,maybe will give it a go , expect it will be filling as well, I did the smash pizza last night for the 1st time,fantastic,will do that again was so easy and made a great change for main meal.


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I eat far more veg and fruit (loads of raw veg like carrots and cucumbers to snack on) and I know that if I didnt do this then yes I would fall into the trap (how I was living before) of dropping into the ptrol station on the way home and buying crisps and chocolate etc.

It takes longer in the morning to prepare lunch before going to work (and eating breakfast) but that extra time is worth it. I'd rather do that than snack on the wrong things or feel empty.

I think SW is about changing your whole mentality to food - it doesnt have to be a chore to eat healthy. For example you could make a big pasta bake or shepherds pie or something filling like that and freeze it in portion sizes so thats quick and easy on a day-today basis.
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Mrs V

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I agree with Rachella...if you put a little bit of effort in to begin with and freeze it in batches, if there are evenings when you dont feel like cooking there is always something there.
Even if you did only have crackers and cheese in the evening, providing you have a salad and some fruit during the day, you will still be ok.


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I'm a strong advocate for the cook in batches and freeze back. In fact, if it wasn't for me squirreling stuff away in the freezer like that, I wouldn't have had any lunch today! :D

I don't think I eat MORE than I used to, but the stuff that I do eat is much better. Way more fruit and veg... much less pizza, cakes, sugary stuff, etc. (though I have the ingredients to try the SW pizza. I'm dying to give that a whirl!)

I don't always have time to cook, so my freezer is my best friend. I can usually find a day every few weeks to cook up a storm and portion it all off. It's definitely worth the effort. :)


Vegetarian who lives2eat
G: 11st0lb
think I will clear my freezer out and have a big cook -in and freeze lots of dinners,great idea,will go and buy a load of them takeaway boxs to put it all in , as you all say what could be easier than lifting it out and puttting it in micro,ta everyone.


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I hate having to cook different meals for the rest of the family, I do mainly green days and they don't eat 'my cr*p'! I also hate cooking all the time and wish someone else would do it now and then!


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I hate having to cook different meals for the rest of the family, I do mainly green days and they don't eat 'my cr*p'! I also hate cooking all the time and wish someone else would do it now and then!
My family eat all the same meals as me...if they dared to say anything like that to me, then they would be cooking their own cr*p or not eating at all!!!
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I look forward to my dinners. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are the same every day with slight changes. So dinner is my chance to have a different taste. I made a list of the basic dinners I like - curries, chili, meatloaf, stir fry, roasted chicken, and so on. It was a list of about 10 dinners. I make dinner for myself and my mom when I get home each night. The meal has to be tasty and quick (30-40 mins).

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