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Anyone FEEL different after 3 weeks ss??


Loooooves MiniMins


Loooooves MiniMins
I'm sooooo impatient lol!


Unzipping the fat suit
I feel different bodywise and emotionally after 10 days! but then I have a LOT more to lose so its shifting quickly!

keep at it, its well worth it in the end!
Hi Nessie,
I've not yet done a fortnight but I do feel different. I've lost about 9lbs and as I'm only 5ft 5ins, it really shows on me. Some of my clothes are now too big. I have lost a couple of inches from my waist and an inch from my hips and from my boobs (I wish I could lose more from these areas). I also feel good about myself because other than a bit of chicken and a few mushrooms, I'm sticking to this and really feel that I could lose a lot more before Christmas.

Do you think you have lost any so far this week? I'm sure that you will feel it with losing a couple of pounds or so more.



Loooooves MiniMins
No idea what I've lost this week so far, don't weigh myself, only at cdc's. I've not cheated or anything this week, stuck to it 100% so will have lost something :)
Hiya ness, well this is week 4 or is it 5 for me ..... and this week i have gained a 1lb. to be expected . trousers do feel looser and some of the girls at work can see i have lost weight. come on pal we got 6 weeks ............
I've lost about 12lbs now and I think I can see some differences. Can't wait to get another stone down and really see the difference.

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