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Anyone find week 4 really tough?

I knew it was too good to be true :sigh:. I was sailing along on the diet, feeling extremely positive and rarely hungry, then I hit week 4. Now I'm starving and miserable and I've come so close to falling off the wagon. Does the ketosis high wear off after a few weeks or something? I am going through a bit of a tough time at the moment, but it can't all be down to that, surely?

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I struggled a bit last week, and relented and had a few AAM meals.

Now though, I'm all back to feeling fine again. Maybe it's a combination of being a bit lax on the water front and a bit of boredom.

Thankfully, I haven't 'cheated' as such, only had AAM or 790 meals when I really needed them, and that seems to have seen me over the cravings:)


MUST get a grip
Ah Helen - hope your ok luv, not posted to you in ages!
I think after the initial elation of the first dramatic losses have occurred your euphoria can be replaced with a 'is this it for the next XXXXX amount of time?????' Its to be expected as the reality of the routing sets in - promise you it does pass luv xxxx

PS - I was even more peed in WK4 as my weight STS - despite sticking to programme 100% - I was bloody fuming and my anger kept me going that week xxx
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Yes,I definately had a tricky time around weeks4/5/6!
Everyone was sick of hearing about my cravings.
Are you having an AAMW next week?cause that really helped me(although I know they have changed the programme a bit and I have a feeling thats one of the things that has changed)
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Right- this is my warped theory ladies..let me know what you think!Haha

I myself have NOT sailed along with the diet...i always find it hard and its a constant battle and always want to eat but because i REALLY want the results have not gone off it (apart from a blip for two days where i put something in my mouth then spat it out)

Therefore-you think ill just find next week (week 4) and 5 and 6 that you say are the hardest....just the same level of difficulty as the previous three haha....BLIMMING HARD!LOL....

surely it couldnt get harder- could it!?!!?xxxx
Hmm.. I am on week 4, have had one blip since starting the diet and thats a week ago now. Have been 100% ss'ing since. I shouldnt be on the scales but its not budging much in the past week and I am getting increasing disheartened why I am doing this. Nonetheless, I have not given up, but a certain sort of 'I'm happy being miserable mood' has started to set in. Now in my case, it could also be that TOTM is very near! This would usually be the one week in the month that I would be munching all around me.
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I'm in WK5 of SS and have cheated twice in week 3&4 but not enough to kick me out of ketosis or impact the weight loss. Yet I'm finding the evenings really difficult and end up picking on bits of food. Will prob do AAM after WI on thursday.

I'm really finding it hard to stay focussed as well and am craving nearly all the time. I'm getting too caught up on the negatives - not liking the soups or bars, being constipated (v v painful the other day:() and never being more 100yards from a loo!!

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