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Anyone finished and maintaining


Me, I've maintained for over two years now.
That is such a relief to read! One of my biggest fears is that I will get to goal, even do the maintenance and end back up where I am now......obese, unhappy and unhealthy.
You guys are an inspiration. How did you maintain for so long - do you actually ever eat fish and chips, pizza, chocolate or does it all have to be salads and no carbs now - I hope that I will be able to eat in some kind of "normal" fashion after this but to have learned to stop nibbling and binging!
Yes, maintaining is a mystery to me, what do you guys eat once youve got right down to your goal..? Like the abovepost, i wonder do you ever get to eat unhealthy but very very tasty pizzas, or is it all just about moderation?


Yeah, absolutely, I eat pizzas and chinese takeaways and fish and chips.

Most of the time I eat fairly healthily, and I exercise quite a lot, so when I want junk food I can have it.

I will say that my eating habits are roughly the same as they were before I put on the weight - the difference is that I am exercising. It was giving up exercise and not reducing my calorie intake accordingly that caused me to gain weight in the first place. Several years of just being really lazy!

You live and learn ;)
Excellent News!!!

Once I am at goal im planning on joining the gym, and its great to know that...excersise is the key isnt it!


Absolutely! Build up some muscle, stay active and you can make friends with pizza again :D

Deb G

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Your body will always reflect your lifestyle. If you are living a slim, healthy, fit lifestyle, your body will be slim, healthy and fit. If you are gorging yourself 5 days a week then trying to be healthy for 2 days a week, you will put the weight back on. No one is naturally slim, but if you make being slim a priority in your life and make healthy choices the MAJORITY of the time, then having the OCCASIONAL takeaway, cake etc won't do any harm.

Lizzie Kingsley's book "Thin Secrets" spells it all out brilliantly - well worth a read!
Well said Deb :)
I've been maintaining since October and I have completely changed what I eat. I eat all low GI stuff now and don't eat potatoes, bread, chocolate,cakes or ice cream...all my trigger foods...lol. The only exception is for special meals out and I still have my CD bars which I love. I guess everyone maintains differently...for me I had to change my eating habits as I have always exercised a lot and it made no difference to my weight.
I've just read my post and I think I may be suffering from lack of clarity :) because it kind of reads like I'm awfully unhealthy!

I haven't changed my eating habits because they were already healthy before I gained weight - I used to exercise a lot, then due to a change in circumstances I stopped abruptly. I was still eating healthily, but I was having too many calories considering I wasn't exercising - so I gained weight over a number of years. Now that I have made exercise part of my life again, I don't need to drop my calorie intake in order to maintain my weight.

It used to drive me mad when I read about people who just cut out crisps and lost a load of weight. I didn't have crisps, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks, McDonalds etc. - and I drank maybe two units of alcohol a week.

When I was at my heaviest, I did the maths and worked out that I had been eating approximately 100 too many calories per day. 3 mochas from Costa per week - that's all it took. Isn't that scary? It crept on slowly, so it took me ages to even notice, let alone do anything about it.

I wouldn't change a thing, though, because now I don't take my size and my fitness for granted :)
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I'm also in maintenance (see my signature for details).

I tend to avoid carbs as much as possible now and rarely eat bread, potatoes, pasta, rice etc .. and of course steer well clear of choccies/cakes/biscuits etc. I do make an exception for special occasions or holidays though - but then make every effort to get straight back onto the 'straight and narrow' afterwards.

My diet tends to be lots of protein, salad and veggies - usually with a CD shake in the morning as I just enjoy it and miss it when I don't have it. I also know I'm getting good nutrition from it (although I make mine with skimmed milk rather than just water).

I do tend to drink more alcohol than I should though .. but that's my only real 'vice' (or at least the only one I'm going to admit to *lol*)
Ive maintained for over a year now with the odd blip on the way!! I guess Im normal, I always did say that once Id done CD Id never do it again, and apart from a bash at 790 some time ago to get some holiday weight off then I never have.

Im not saying its easy, Im learning all the time, I do try and eat "normally", dont have "no" carbs or anything like that, I have a varied diet, that includes everything, but I have switched to wholemeal and granary and have limited sugary stuff as it makes me feel bloated and nasty if I overdo it.

Im trying to eat like a slim person, its not easy, but thats my main goal, if I overdo it then instead of carrying on I take stock and cut back.

Im 33 years old, life is for living and I intend to do it to the best of my ability, with a smile on my face, and there is no way that food will make me miserable now, its not my enemy, I enjoy it, but its not the centrepiece of my life anymore x
I've loved reading this thanks everyone who contributed. I'm 40 pounds off goal but I know this isn't much in the grand Cambridge scheme of things. I know I will keep it off but it's nice to read how we all do it because I do have moments of, 'Oh I'll never be able to eat again'

What I do wonder is, do your tastes change, I often smell the sausage rolls in Asda but can imagine that greasy taste they leave in the top of your mouth.

I've also noticed that recently rather than craving huge bacon sandwiches on white bread I'm really fancying some fish, prawns scallops and that type of thing, really yummy tasty stuff , it makes me smile when I realise how far I've come in such a short time, Me, craving fish hee hee hee hee xx

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