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Anyone for Crumpet?


Go on smile! =)
I've had them before a few times, my usual is special K :) 35g

Basic special K?
Bought one - strawberry bliss? Too sweet for me - lots of sugar in it.
My downfall has never been food - no sweet tooth - drink was the fuel!!!


Go on smile! =)
Yea i have the normal one or sometimes the strawberry and chocolate one :D
I'm a sugar fiend :eek: (to the extent that I've put myself in the danger group for diabetes. Fortunately I think I've wised up before it was too late).

I was eating shredded wheat as it was the cereal with the least everything

But I've switched to branflakes, slightly higher in sugar though.

crumpets sounds like a tasty mid morning snack though :D


gunna be a fatty for ever
yeah crumpets r gooood! use fat free cottage cheese and save on cals and tango effect lol


Gold Member
love crumpets... not sure on having cottage cheese on them though... but i loooooove honey on mine!!
I just got some for a mid afternoon snack. Although my local tescos only had the gluten free ones :rolleyes:
I used to have them with beans on when I was a student! Is that really weird?!!


Go on smile! =)
Hmm not weird just disgusting. The things students get up to .....


gunna be a fatty for ever
I used to have them with beans on when I was a student! Is that really weird?!!

hummmmmm....might try that one actually! ignore red! hes a rite mardy bum haha


cos i need this xxx
"tango effect" wahahahaha!! what a fab expression!

mardy bum - whats this - using code!!!
what does that mean!!
We called our last cat Mardy. my mum said it was because she was always crying (meowing) and it meant miserable :p

Funnily enough our current cat doesn't really meow much at all (he's called Casper).


gunna be a fatty for ever
mardy bum - mardy lol! not a code word im afraid!
Oh my I just looked on Urban Dictionary as well and I have NEVER heard of that explanation for the word lol
Well my mum is from the Derby area ;)


gunna be a fatty for ever
omg i think u have too much time on your hands hehehe :)

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