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Anyone found they don't bother with bread anymore?


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I have a couple of slices of WW for lunch for work sometimes but that's about it. I couldn't be trusted to keep crusty white bread in the house, somehow I think it would mysteriously disappear lol


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I have it once in a while but TBH most of each loaf goes to feed the birds. The birds in my garden will need to sign up for SW soon!!
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Yes normally I adore bread, but not the plastic crap, real proper baked bread, and lots of it! as we can only really have WW bread on here which my delightful hubby refers to as 'fluff' as it has more holes in it that actual bread lol!, I just haven't bothered the last few weeks and I'm not craving it at all.

I tend to prefer saving my b choice for something else (currently alpen lights!)


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I don't do white bread anymore (try to avoid white flour), it's brown and heavy grains (rye and pumpernickel), sprouted breads and even wholegrain crackerbread and ryvitas...still like my bread, but less refined...
I don't eat much bread on SW, there's usually something I would much rather do with my Healthy Extras or Syns! I do keep a small loaf of wholemeal in the freezer though, when I get it I separate in to Healthy Extra portions, i.e. 2 slices and wrap them up individually so I can just grab the right amount when I want some bread.


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Oh goodness, NO way I could ever give up bread! I love the wholegrain multi-seeded kind and couldn't do without it. I usually have two normal slices a day as my HexBs.
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I've always been a complete bread freak and would happily chomp my way through a big loaf (real stuff, not plasticky processed stuff) - probably part of the reason I'm on here!!

I buy the little loaves of wholemeal and occasionally have a couple of slices with a sandwich on a red day but it mostly gets given to the birds as it goes off before I get through it.

I really thought I'd never see the day when I would 'give up' bread willingly but I'm just not fussed about it any more. I'm so much less bloated now - only look 4 months pregnant instead of 9 lol!

emma b

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i dont eat bread very often either now, i used to live on it and i definitely dont miss it.
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i used to have white bread every day but since starting sw i havnt had any,and havnt missed it at all!
it is very strange!


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As most of my bread consumption came in the form of buttered toast, I do rarely eat it now. Though there has been a little wave of eggy bread/french toast revival just lately and I've been enjoying that at weekends. So I buy a little 400g wholemeal loaf and freeze it. I just take out two slices for my Hex B at the weekend when I do french toast. I've never found sandwiches to be that satisfying so I don't bother them usually.

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I never used to eat a lot of bread, but when I did, it would be the stuff you had to slice yourself and then it would become so thick it wouldnt fit in the toaster!! Lol
If I have bacon, then I have that on toast with poached eggs, but I prefer cereals and 2 Alpen light bars instead.


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I always considered bread as a carrier for cheese and ham anyway, it's an absolute pleasure to bin it and just have the middle of the sandwich!


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I don't bother much with bread anymore. Though when doing ee i sometimes have a hexb bread as i don't need to use it for meat or anything xx