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Anyone going to Marks & Spencers?


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Can someone measure a waistband for me please?

I am in Spain for several months but will be back home (Newcastle) on 4th December. I am planning on getting more M&S tencel jeans - I have black, brown and purple ones at the moment but they are going to be too big soon. They are size 20long. (I have a feeling that because they are in m&S classic range they are really a 24 cos no way can I get into anything else that's a 20 and my top half is still 26/28)
Anyway - back to the point ....

I have 4 pairs of these tencel things and 3 pairs are fine and one pair is about 3 inches smaller round the waist although they are all marked the same size.

I have it in my head that the smaller ones are actually 18s which have been wrongly labelled. By the time I come back on 4th Dec I am hoping to be able to buy some 18's which will fit.

Please - Is there anyone who could take a tape measure in with them when they go to M&S and measure the across the waist bands of a pair of 18's of these tencel jeans type things from the classic range and tell me. I want to avoid being upset if I think I am going to get into the 18's and I can't.
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AlexIce - I wish I could. I'm in France and coming 'home' soon and am desperate to know what size I am in the shops. Have you seen the thread on size-ing and different shops, it's interesting. I'm now in size 12 jeans (was 18/20) and apparently they are standard sizing, am so pleased, though they maybe cut on the large size!
P.S I'd say on the track your on, you won't be dissapointed.


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lol Yes Flowey - I started the thread. I think it will be a big help to me to have more info on sizing - it's going to be strange going into a whole new range of shops.


Is determined to do this!
Do they have the measurements on their website maybe?


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No - they have inside leg lengths but not waist measurements.
Sigh - maybe I will just not think about it and convince myself that the 18's will fit and deal with it if they don't.
Hi Alexice,
I am always in and out of M & S and will probably pop in there sometime next week to get my self some more knickers as the ones I am wearing are hanging off me and fall down when I move, gone from a 24 knickers to a 16 (I am not a 16 yet in clothes but the knickers are the lycra ones..belly huggers....so comfy and stretchy..I bought a packet of 18's to start with thinking that might be optimistic...but was so chuffed that they were a bit roomy I went back and bought a pack of 16's). A girl can never have too many knickers. So if you want me to measure the trousers I will..but you will need to tell me exactly what range and type they are. Just let me know.
Glad to help,


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Nicki - you are such a star! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.
Ok - it's the tencel jeans in the classic range - they're not denim and come in black, brown, a strange sort of green and also blue.
I've tried to paste a link in to their website so you can see.

I know what you mean about the knickers - on this visit back I am hoping to be able to get a pack of 18s!

Classic Collection Tencel® Straight Leg Jeans - Marks & Spencer

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