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Anyone gone from cambridge to exante!


I am only asking because I am getting stuck into a diet and using up some shakes i have from many failed attempts at lighterlife and cambridge!

I do enjoy the cambridge shakes, choc mint, choc and banana and wondered how they compared to exante!

Can't beleive the price difference and I have read about asda measure up bars instead of exante bars, think they are about 3 quid a box of 3!!

Any help advice and personal experiences would be great. Never had vanilla on cambridge but would love to know what you all think.

Thanks x x
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please try again
im just moving from cambridge now because of the cost, i lived on choc mint

had banana earlier and tasted the same as the cambridge one to me
had a nibble of the toffee nut bar and that was ok too
thanks for that.

I think for the cost I could get used to them!

Only just starting back out.

Had 2 shakes anda bar yesterday and a bit of salmon stir fry last night and 2 chicken thighs at lunchtime. Easing myself back into it. If I can then I will place an order.

Good luck and let me know how the other flavours are x x


please try again
thanks. i have to knuckle down now and get the job done


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
I agree with Divster - they are alot more filling and a lot lot thicker! I made one of my chocolate ones up later night with hot peppermint tea and that gave it a really nice hot choc mint flavour. I was very wary of the lack of flavours on Exante after being on Cambridge but reading through some of the posts on here it's just a matter of getting a little creative! Gonna try a hot vanilla shake with a spoonful of coffee later and see how that sits. I was very suprised that i really enjoyed the banana one this morning :) to be honest the shakes aren't as flavoursome as the CD ones but for me being able to afford the diet without struggling financially which makes me more likely to be able to stick to it makes up for that! bring on the loss! :)


Loves Minimins long time
I totally loved choc mint and lived on it on CD for months on end!!. However the cheaper cost means there is no argument - Exante all the way. My fav on Exante is probably vanilla or choc. If you are confident you don't need the CDC to keep you motivated, do it!! x


please try again
I lost three stone on Cambridge and loved the different flavours at the time, put most of it back on and changed to Exante, struggled at first as I found them bland and flavourless. Tried adding a spoonful of powdered sweetener and found that did the trick and now really love the shakes as they are thicker and seem to fill me up more. Good luck, I'm trying to stick with it again and am restarting tomorrow!!
Lol. Still not feeling the love for chocolate then ;)
No idea, as wont even have them in the house for longer than a few hours.....they dont stink my cupboards out any more! :flirt2: Its the smell, and they way that smell grabs onto anything plastic! :rolleyes: "distinctive smell" my arse! :D
hey, i lost a lot of weight on cambridge, i love the CD choc shakes, i lived on that one flavour for months! Was really dissapointed with the exante choc ones, reckon they're mingin! But the vanilla is yummy enough to make up for it. The exante ones arent as sweet but i think they're thicker. Whatever though, it's just 3 little cups a day si i reckon as i'm on a tight budget even if they tasted like mud (which they don't lol) they're tonnes cheaper & get the job done!xxx

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