Anyone got a nice flapjack recipe?!


Queen of the Damned
Bought some rolled oats, cocount, chocolate chips, etc today and want to make flapjacks with the girls tomorrow but thought I'd check if anyone had a fab family recipe before I use the bog standard one I have.

Thanks :D
No I haven't....but you couldn't post me a couple flapjacks when they're done could you! ;)
No I haven't....but you couldn't post me a couple flapjacks when they're done could you! ;)

Cheeky b!tch!!! :p With my girls helping me cook them i get the feeling there ain't gonna be many left - we seem to adopt all the neighbourhood kids when my girls are around, so I end up throwing crisps, juice etc out the door! :rolleyes:
And you call yourself a sister!!! :p
I would keep to the bog standard recipe but then have fun with adding the extras.

I used to replace some of the golden syrup with condensed milk....wicked. When the kids were little I added smarties sometimes :D

A few times I've topped with sliced apple before cooking. Make fj, spread some jam over, then sliced apple, spread more jam to make a glaze.

These days I tend to add sult, coconut, and dates. seeds have to have a place in there.

Wherever your imagination takes you :)

So I would say do the recipe and just chuck in everything. cook as normal for chewy. A little hotter for crisp.

Thanks Karion

The girls won't touch the coconut ones but I know DH is looking forward to. Don't like dried fruit so won't be using that, but gonna have a play :D
I quite liked the sound of the smartie ones....not that its got anything to do with me, of course!!!! ;)
lmao!!! :D Meanie!!!
Ok, tell you what if we have any left over after me, the girls, DH, the neighbourhood kids, the post man and my ANC delivery man have finished, I'll send them to you. How's that?! :D
Cheeky sod...and there was me planning a trip down the M25 later this week! Won't bother now! :(
I make them every month for general and Andrew to take to school. Make loads...divide by 4 and put 3 lots in freezer
We made them and they were a great success. The girls had white chocolate chip cookies in theirs, and DH and I had coconut. Gonna buy some extras so they can make them again over the weekend. :cool:
They sound gorge, DQ, glad that you guys had a great time :)
its ok babe....I reckon I could live without them!!! :)