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Anyone got over 10 stone to lose????????

Hi Herts. I started with just under 11 stones to lose. My official weigh in is tomorrow but todays unofficial wi shows I am now officially 2/3 of the way there so it is very doable. Good luck.


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I had 10 stone to lose and I'm just over half way there. You can do it.

I had just over 10 stone to loose I've Been on cd for 8 weeks tomorrow and have lost 2 stones 8 lbs as of last week so hopefully by wi tomorrow I will nearly have lost 3 stones. Just think of the summer when I can wear 3/4 trousers and tshirts instead of black trousers and long tops

Good luck on your journey xx
Herts Fem,

I do not have somuch to lose but the brilliant thing is that no matter how much you have to lose, its really fast on CD, so I wish you well and hope you stick around for support, you'll be there in no time at all.



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HI Herts,

I had 9 stone to lose (started at end of september) and am now more than 1/2 way. Stick to the diet, keep going and before you know it you'll be there - good luck
Hi Herts, I had just over 10 stone to lose when I started. I started at 18 stone 9lbs and hope to get to 8 stone 2. (Sounds TINY doesnt it! But I'm only 5 ft 3!)

It's very do-able with CD so you will be fine hunni! You'll be amazed at how fast those lbs come off with this plan!

I like to think I'd be at goal by now if I wasnt hospitalised in the summer with gallstones and had to come off the diet for 4 months.

At the beginning of May, I just thought a 10 stone loss was a mammoth challenge and totally un-achievable. The weeks I'd have to be on CD SS just stretched ahead of me and I thought I would never make it!

But I got down to 14 stone 9 so quickly so I KNOW it can be achieved!

We're all in this together hun xx
thanks to you all for the messages. i have 13 stone to lose really but today is my 1st week over and i have lost 14 lb. so great. by estimate it will b 9 months to lose the whole 182lb. :)
I started with 193lbs to lose and have lost 27 in 5 weeks so far. The main thing is setting mini-goals to keep the motivation up - I had to force myself to set them, but it is making it easier than thinking of the massive weight-loss I have in front of me. It might be of use?
it is a hard one. i am craving all the time and taste food in my mouth all the time. i just think my body desperate for food. i even brought 2 breast pieces of chicken tonight but havent cooked or eaten them i was told if it really bad to eat a piece of chicken and it can help and keeps u in ketosis. but i want to do it a different way. i am half way through week 2 and havent lost anything so far so i am totally miserable. when i did this before i was losing 2lb a day. got to 16 weeks and had lost 100lb.
How are you doing Chick? xx
I started with 11st 11lbs to lose to reach my goal, started LighterLife and got down to 16st 3lbs, fell off the wagon then from August 2010 to December 2010 and ended up starting Cambridge at 20st 11lbs (Originally decided to do something about my weight after I left college, 26st 11lbs at the age of 19!!!)

I'm currently at 19st 9lbs with 15st 0lbs as my goal weight, I've gone from being 17lbs off target to being 65 lbs away lol :(

But anyway, I've lost 7st 2lbs so far and I must say it has been an incredible journey, I know what sent me off track with LL last time and I know how to control it so I've got nothing but confidence that I'm going to CD, reach my goal and keep it off for good!

Believe me, it is much better to give 100% commitment to the diet, I learned that the hard way.

Whenever I feel the need to have junk, I just tell myself how well I've done so far to lose 7 stone and that whatever I'm tempted to eat isn't worth £57 (The cost of a week's worth of tetra's for me) and sure as hell won't taste as good as I'll feel when I hit my goal :)

You can do it, ketosis takes the aspect of physical hunger away from you completely, it's a case of mind over matter :)
Hi Herts,
( takes a deep breath), i have about 13 stone to lose as well hun which i find hard to even type. i am restarting cd within the next 3 weeks and am very determined that im NEVER going to be in this situation again. im tired of looking in the mirror and detesting the image that looks back at me. No more, this has got to change.
Its gonna be a long haul but hey, its the long distance journeys in life that we find exciting and memorable right . :)


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Hi sweetie

How are u feeling??

I started with 8 stone to lose 16 weeks ago now have just over 2 and a half to goal..

Realistically could lose another stone - stone and a half
Once I get to 12 stone but shall see
How I feel when I get there!!

I was soooooooooo daunted at the beginning - I now look ahead ab laugh at how little o have left to go!

This will be you VERY soon, keep smiling lovely were all here with you xxxx
I needed to lose 12 stone, but 2 weeks down and now its only 11. Everyone's right, we need small targets and to keep it going. I'm looking to try and SS until the end of July, then break for a month - 810-1000 cal a day, then back on for the last 4ish stone.
My goal is to be somewhere in the 14 stones by July. We can do this, it is tough, but we'll get there, and for me, far preferable than the length of time it would take to lose weight by other means.

Good luck :)
I needed to loose 11, iv lost 6 now got 5 to go :)
hi guys havent been on for a while. my baby girl was extremely poorly and was in hospital with her and then i had the most awful day today. had an exchange planned and my friend(neighbour) took them from me so now she is swapping with them instead. so i stupidly ate. but i am positive i am going back on as of midnight and i will be extremely good. i get weighed in morning so i am positive i will have put 4lb or so on. :( but i wont let it affect me. i am feeling much more positive than last week.
Wow well done Kimmie on your 6 stone loss!

Hope your daughter is feeling much better now Herts? Its so hard to diet when things are unsettled at home isnt it. You'll get back on it and lose lots this week I'm sure of it!

Good luck xxxx
Aww Hun, I'm glad you're little girl is better and hope you feel better soon xxx