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Anyone got tips for long boring journey?

Just wondered if anyone has any top tips to share for a weekend of travel and temptation I am dreading?:sigh:

I have a 7.5 hour train journey on friday to go to my M+D'S, then 2 days eating with them- have not told them I am dieting again and restricted in what I can eat as Low Carbing- then a 300 mile journey home in a removal van transporting their old furniture back to Wales from Essex! Parents have not been very supportive of my attempts at dieting in the past and will consider this another faddy diet!

Dont get me wrong, I am really looking forward to seeing them ( and collecting my furniture to replace my old tat) but feeling a bit daunted about the perils of the buffet car/ trolly on the train and motor way services on way home, with Van Man, who I havent met yet! I know I can take my own bits and bobs to eat , but its gonna be more tricky than normal for sure.

Advice gratefully acepted.
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I don't know if this well help much but just tell yourself before you go, you WILL NOT eat anything from there. If you believe this 100%, there's less chance of giving into temptation whereas if you start having conversations with your stomach if you should or not - there will be trouble! Another thing I'd suggest is take as many things to do on the way, calling friends, listening to music, reading a book, whatever! By being distracted, it'll help a little. Other than that I don't know what to say, but just stay strong :)
Thanks sa89, I appreciate your thoughts and think that your ideas to keep as busy as possible are spot on.
I will give myself a really stern talking to on friday morning and believe that I will not fail or give into temptation. I was in a bit af a flat when I posted this earlier this am, but it seems less stressful now.
Thank you. jenny
I often take 8 to 13-hour flights, so I'm well-versed in the art of surviving dull journeys :D

You're in luck with the train in particular, as it means you can get up and stretch your legs now and then. Try to get up every hour or two and pace about, have a wee, have a stretch - anything to stop yourself sitting for 7.5 hours non-stop.

Take a variety of entertainments with you. Don't rely on a single book to get you there. I'd suggest a couple of books (so you can switch if one turns out less than enthralling), a couple of magazines, an MP3 player, and something to interact with if you can (whether that's a book of sudoku puzzles, a DS Lite, or a portable DVD player really doesn't matter so long as it engages the brain). Switch between entertainments as and when you feel like it. The other advantage of the train is that sometimes it's just nice to look out of the window :)

Take your lunch with you for the train, and PLENTY of water. If you arrive dehydrated you'll be tired and hungry, and eat whatever's put in front of you.

Are you doing the return drive yourself, or will you be a passenger? Will Van Man let you do stints of driving? If you're doing the driving, that should be enough to keep you from getting bored, as staying alert and paying attention to the road should stop boredom setting in - and if you do get bored while driving it's time to find a service station and take a break. If you'll be sitting in the passenger seat, the same as above applies: read, play games, look out the window, listen to music, converse with the driver, and have them pull over in a service station once in a while :)

As for the weekend food, just phone them now and tell them. Seriously, what's worse? Facing a bit of moaning from your parents because you're on "another faddy diet", or eating food which does not serve your goal of losing weight? And trust me, I know what it's like to be constantly belittled by a parent for being faddy. Sometimes you just gotta bite that bullet. At the very least you can say "Sure, I'm faddy. So go with me on this one until I get bored of it. It's not going to do you any harm!" :D
Thank you crazybrit,
I have taken on board all of your tips and even phoned my M+D to pre-warn them of my diet and didn't get the usual put me downs so here goes...
Husbands ipod and ninteno borrowed and charged, Books and mags packed,meals and nibbles packed ...............so here we go!
Feeling alot more positive after reading your reply, thanks. x

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