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anyone had a day off to keep themselves motivated?

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i am now in week 10 and am gagging to eat!!!!

i didnt really do my aamw properly last time... i didnt cheat, i just didnt do a full week. only 2 days with a aam.

this is my 2nd aamw and i am worried about losing it.
i am tempted to have one day off and not eat for 7 days in a row.

i dont think my willpower can stretch to 7 days. i would prefer to have a fairly healthy day off...

what do others think? has anyone had a planned day off to keep them going????

btw i really miss food! :cry:
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I had a weekend off at week 7, didn't go mad, although I tried a couple of beers and wouldn't recomend doing that again.

If you are serious about the diet, and it seems that you are, I think a sensible day off does you good.

But for every one of us who says this, there will be 10 others saying don't do it.

S: 15st12lb C: 15st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.8%)
thanks pies...
yeah i know i have done so well so far and dont want to mess up.
but at the same time it seems like i am never gonna eat again!
i just feel like i need a day off (one day out of 10 weeks is not bad)...
i know others will worry about getting back on track but i have a real good reason to lose the rest of my weight... holiday with other (slimmer) couples lol...
it would be a day off and not a week off!
very tempted to do it...


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Hi CD08 - TBH if you can get through without then stick to the plan as I think it's harder on your brain! I slip off every now and then to keep me sane but I recognise that it's the only way I can do the CD diet. But there are some occasions were I can get back to it for days or even weeks but some times I get back the very next day. So sometimes I do undo some of my hard work. I guess it depends how mentally strong you are perhaps, and have to say you have a very impressive track record - well done! Good luck with whatever you decide. Vx


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I've had 2 planned days off, the first went really well the 2nd not so well. On both occasions I did cd as normal until the evening & the first time I went for meal at wagamama's. I made healthy choices but when we went to the cinema I could resist the pick and mix but limited my self to a small handful. The following day I got straight back on the wagon. Simple!

My 2nd planned break was on Saturday and we went out for a curry & my choices were not quite as virtuous. I had a couple of spoonfuls of lamb balti & a spoonful of prawn rogan josh, some rice & 1 chapatti. However this was nothing in comparison to what I would have eaten prior to cd (Britain's largest nan bread anyone? Me - yes yes yes!). We went to the pub & the pictures & I behaved myself in the pub (glass of water) but was not so good in the cinema (large handful of peanut m&m's) but again compared with the old me (whole bag of M&Ms + popcorn) things have improved.

This time I found it very hard to SS the next day (Sun - weekends are always the worst for me!) & I ended up having the large green salad with plain chicken & low fat dressing & then I totally lost control & had a binge (3 slices of toast & butter, 1 cereal bar, 2 small choc chip cookies, & 2 bags of ready salted crisps). I felt sick & guilty & fed up because whilst I've been on CD I felt so in control & this left me feeling so out of control. However I've recorded how I felt on paper to remind myself how I felt in case of any future moments of weakness & I have managed to get it back together & I have SS for the past 3 days & I now feel confident that I can SS for the next 4 weeks or so to get down to BMI 25 + a stone & then I'll start to work up the plans.

I think that if I hadn't already lost so much weight already & had so many people commenting on how well I look & my weight-loss I think it would have been harder to resist the downward spiral. What I've achieved so far has made me realise I can do this & I really want to get to my goal.

So to get to the point (sorry for rambling!). I think planned breaks are fine if you are sure that you have the willpower / determination to get back on track the next day but it's not easy & you may find that it places you under additional pressure, that maybe you don't need but the choice is yours as you know how you feel the best! So good luck c*d*08 either way!


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I wouldn't do it but it all depends where your head is...I had to do my 140 days strictly to maintain my sanity lol


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I would'nt dare have a day off, too much hard work goes into this diet to have one day and then fall off the wagon
I would'nt dare have a day off, too much hard work goes into this diet to have one day and then fall off the wagon
Never a truer word spoken, a day off can make you fall behind by weeks x
at the end of the day its up to u but remember if u do dont go mad on carbs and sugar as u will pay when trying to so ssing again.

i have a planed day off for birthday on friday as i know ill cheat otherwise so thought have day off or ahould i see dinner off and enjoy not going to go mad but think itll be nice to have day off and a glass of wine mmm wine lol but will be straight back on as i know the diet works.

good luck ashley xx


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Heya, as someone who has tried "planned days off" i think they work as long as you are still REALLY motivated to do CD. If you have got to a point where you are becoming more content with yourself and have lost a big chunk of the weight you need to to get to goal, I would recommend sticking to the plan 100%, as once you get to that point and then take a day off, you may well find it VERY hard to get back on again. The only time I find that planned days off have worked for me has been when I have been very, very motivated to continue to lose, and the times where they didn't work were times when I was getting within a couple of stone of goal! Its your call- hope this helps in some way tho! xx
S: 15st12lb C: 15st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.8%)
ok update...

i DID have a little food yesterday!

we were already invited to my mums for tea and i wasnt going to eat but yesterday i felt so peckish and really wanted to (didnt need to) eat.

so i did...

i had my morning shake, then some cottage cheese and celery (as per aamw) then in the evening had a small portion of mums spag bol (yum) tiny portion of spaghetti and 3 potato wedges and some salad... no dessert.

and i feel soooo much better for it!

i am not going to do my aamw now as i know that a nibble leads to wanting more (see yesterday as a prime example). it was day 1 of aamw yesterday and i know i cannot do a 'little meal' for 7 days without blowing it so i am back on ss'ing today...

anyone scared of aamw i know exactly where you are coming from. in week 5 i only did 2 aam's for fear of losing it completely... its like the flood gates open when i have a tiny bit to eat and i want to keep going. rather not eat at all.

i have done it now and it is out of my system... job done!

thanks for all your advice ladies!