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Anyone had a really big gain?

Don't be embarrassed, your consultant will have seen it all before.
Everyone has bad times on the diet, the trick is facing up to it and getting on with the weight loss.
Go to WI. Whatever the result, it'll be better next week when you've been back on plan. If you don't go we all know what'll happen and then when Christmas comes you'll wish you'd gone back.
Let us know how it goes xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I bet it won't be anywhere near as bad as you think! If you don't go you know what will happen! You won't lose any more and may end up putting it all and more on again! Go to WI, draw a line under it and by Xmas you will be crowing because you did! ps our consultant went to the south of France for 2 weeks and put 12lbs on :eek:. Bet you can't beat that!
If you do have a big gain it will all be bloat- you will lose it very quickly.
When I came back from New York recently I hopped on the scales immediately after coming home from a long flight- I had gained 16lbs! But, by the time weigh-in came along 3 days later it was down to a 4.5lb gain- then I lost 3 the following week.

It is impossible to put on this amount of FAT in 2 weeks- you may retain water and that might show on the scales, but like when you 1st start SW it will drop pff very quickly.

The important thing is you go- face it, and move on.

Well done on your fantastic loss so far!
Don't be embarrassed to go...sometimes I think I'm the only person in my class who is losing weight! Haha! Gains are nothing new, your consultant has seen people in your situation before.

This is just a little dent in your success and we are all allowed that. You're human, not a machine. Face the music and then have fun getting back on track. I honestly think dieting is fun but, like most things, the fun goes out of it if you feel you can never take a break.


Strutting her stuff
Just to add to what has already been said.

You basically have two options:

  1. You go to class and get weighed in. You maybe have a moment of embarrassment if you've put on weight but you have image therapy and leave the class full of enthusiasm about the coming week and determined to stick to the plan
  2. You don't go to class. You avoid that moment of embarrassment. You carry on beating yourself up for being 'bad' over the last couple of weeks. You in all likelihood continue not following the plan. This makes you feel even worse about yourself so you comfort eat or binge. You put on more weight. The cycle continues.
So not really a choice to my mind ;)
we have deffo all been there but its nothing to worry about, nobody is going to shout at you. We had one girl in my class who went away for the weekend and came back with a 10.5lb gain! dont worry xx
As the others have said. At least if you go to class you will have some idea of what you're dealing with, rather than avoiding the scales completely and gaining more and being miserable. Do something now Hun. Good luck and it's probably no where near what you think!
I have not recently had a big gain but in the past I have - I usually average 2 lbs on for every day off plan - my worst gain was 12 lbs in ONE WEEK!!!! The GP said it was my age / genes - BTW I was 27 at the time!!!
Best to attend class then use that new weight as your starting point - draw a line over the past and aim for onwards and downwards.
Good Luck (BTW I used to have the title of the BIGGEST GAINER when I used to attend class - LOL!!!)

Definately go to group! You have missed 2 weeks (unintentionally but) if you miss another then the likelyhood of you going back before Xmas is going to be very low. They say if you dont do something 3 times then you have broken your habit (eg exercise, group etc)!!

Like someone else said, you should get weighed, note down the gain (if there is one), draw a line under it, start on plan the following day and try to stick to plan 100% and if you did gain, I am sure it will be off in no time.

Plus you will have the support of your consultant, group and of course all us at Minimins xx

Good luck on your weighin.

Kel xx
Thanks for all the replies, I went to class this morning and I've put 4.5lbs on which isn't as bad as I thought, glad I went though and will now be back on track as I don't wanna be embarrassed again!!

Well done for going at least and like you say 4.5lbs isnt too bad. Now all you need to do is start again tomorrow, stick to plan and focus on trying to get that back off again :)

Kel xx


Lover of Extra Easy
Well done for going back. You have made the big step and you know where you stand.
4.5 pounds is not a lot, and if you are back on track you will lose it in no time.
Good luck!