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Anyone had microdermabrasion?


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My skins really improved being on CD for 5 weeks now but it's still quite blemishy,

Just wondered if anyones had microdermabrasion and if so was it worth it, how many sessions did it take to make a difference?

I've found one that has sessions for £25 but unsure if I want to go ahead with it. With me I think it's partly hormonal and I am on a contraceptive that should be helping it.
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Hi yes, I've had dermabrasion done, and it's good - but this is not a good time of year to have it done. You musn't try and get a suntan on your face for a while after dermabrasion, as I found out to my cost! (The most blemished areas, where she'd concentrated on, burnt and went bright red! This is because the process removes the natural skin protection layer, forcing it to grow new skin.)

Of course, if you keep your face out of the sun, then it would probably be OK. :)


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Probably a good idea. BTW, to answer your original question, I only had single treatments, about a couple of months apart. (And it doesn't hurt! It's just fine crystals being sprayed at you, that's all - just in case you were wondering! You do feel lots smoother afterwards tho' - I even made hubby have it done, lol! :))

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