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anyone had problems with excess skin?


I am new to this. I started Lipotrim last Mon what a hellish week but it is getting better. I go for my 1st weigh in on Monday- I can't wait!!
I want to loose 7 stone, I have read alot of your continuing sucess stories and they really are an inspiration - Those who have included pics you all look amazing.
My question is Has anyone had a problem with excess skin? I am worried that loosing so much in a short period of time will result in lots of saggy skin - especially on my belly! I realise that no matter what diet i do skin only stretches so far so it is bound to happen I just wondered if it is more of a problem on this sort of diet?
Thank you
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Hi Nolie, I havent had any problem in that area as yet but then again I have only lost over 1 stone. But in saying this with any diet it is recommended to do exercises with it. I have been told by my pharmacist to do toning for my arms and I also do sit ups as well. She also recommended pilates or yoga but havent went that far yet. Sorry I can't be of any other help to ya, take care and gud luck for your first week


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Hi,& welcome...i have lost almost 3 & a half stone, but as yet not noticed any skin problems...although wouldn't be surprised if i do especially around the stomach area..time will tell!!! good luck with your 1st WI...Caz xx


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Hi there

As you lose weight quickly on a VLCD, excess skin can be more of an issue initially as your skin doesn't have a chance to shrink. They advise that you need to give it a year to fully recover as much as it's going to.

Try not to worry too much, I am what I would call a little baggy in places but I wouldnt' change it.



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Welcome to LT. I have lost just over 7 stone on LT with about a stone to go and I have been concerned about this. I have to say that I have been really lucky and my skin is going back just fine.

I haven't done any specific toning exercises although I am sure this is a good thing to do. I have occasionally slapped on bio oil which I really like, but I am too lazy to do it regularly. I think a big factor for helping the skin is the amount of water we drink.

I think when I hit target I will have a tiny bit of bagginess around my tum and inner thighs, but as Porgeous says this can settle if you maintain afterwards. I am also planning to take up yoga and running as soon as I start refeed and am sure this will help sort it out.

I had decided that I would rather have this than the fat when I started the programme, but now I am not even bothered. I could wear a bikini now if I wanted to (altho its a bit chilly round here for that at mo )and my body looks better than it has for 20 years.

Not saying that to brag or seem conceited, but just to reassure you. Good luck with the journey, it is a brilliant plan and it has completely changed my life x


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do some toning exercises and use palmers stretch mark/firming cream!... im paranoid about having saggy skin!.. at the moment i have bat wings appearing and i have been massaging palmers into my arms and belly every day and i feel better. people say it works.. i feel like it is working on my arms alot, it is actually reducing the stretch marks for definite! they are alot smoother now... i have been doing this for the past couple of months even before i started LT...
toning exercises, drink lots of water thats what most people have been saying to me... (but try the palmers too :))


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I agree with the other comments. I lost a lot over the summer and did have a lot of excess skin but it has shrunk back well by now. The chemist says after the diet that it takes about 6mths, which was about right for me. Its not perfect but thats what 4 babies does. Wouldn't change that for the world.
Best of luck with the diet.


Thank you all so much, That has put me at ease. I am going to excersize ( oh no) and already use palmers daily after my shower cos i love the smell!
Got weighed on Monday lost 12lbs!! - I nearly fell of my chair. N x


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wow brill loss keep up the good work



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Well done on your great loss.

As to baggy skin, I've lost 8 stone and must admit my stomach is horrible, but that is due to a lifetime of obesity and 3 children!!!! The rest is fine but I am no longer in my 20's so expect my skin to be less elastic than the youngsters on here. If I had the money I would defo go for a tummy tuck, oooh and a boob lift!!!!!!! Lol!



Thanks all. I have been doing sit ups ( Dread to think what My house mates must think with all the huffing and puffing lol!) I am obsessive with the moisturiser and water so hopefully It will be ok, Now all i need is to sort out the sleepless nights and god awful constipation - I haven't got kids and after last night am doubting whether i could cope with giving birth! ( not that i am comparing passing waste to the miracle of child birth it was the nearest pain comparisson i could think of ) I'm going to shut up now i tend to babble sorry guys! N x