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Anyone have a Cauliflower cheese recipe?


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I tend to just use a packet cheese sauce (Colmans usually) made up with milk. It's 8 syns for the packet, but I only use half so 4 syns. It's nowhere near as nice as a cheese sauce made with a roux, but then it's also 1/4 of the syns, lol! :)

Sometimes I use half milk, half water and then add a little bit of cheese grated finely to the top then grill it until it's all bubbly and brown. I also sprinkle paprika over the top which is yummy. i guess you could use cayenne or chilli powder though if you fancied. Or leave it off completely! :)

Sian xxx
I am a real cheat with this :eek:

I use a batchelors cheese & broccoli pasta sauce pack, make it up with water instead of milk, then add cooked cauliflower. Mix then add it to a casserole dish topped with mozzerealla (HEa).
Hi there

I make luxury cauliflower cheese like this:-
  1. 375ml semi (1.5 X heA)
  2. 5tsp corn flour (5) -let down with a drop of the cold milk
  3. 1tsp English mustard (0.5)
  4. 105g Cathedral city lighter (2.5x heA)
  5. seasoning
  • warm the milk in a small pan
  • stir in the corn flour and stir continualy over a low heat -don't heat to quickly
  • once thickened stir in the cheese + mustard and season to taste
I lightly steam big chunks of carrot and leeks and florets of cauli and brocoli. Place in an ovenproof dish and allow to cool (it give them time to give off any water so your sauce won't go watery). Then just pour over the sauce and bake in a moderate oven until golden and heated through.. -I use a full cauli and broccoli so it serves 4 large portions @ 1 heA+1.5 syns per serving....


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have you tried mixing a tub of Quark with two eggs and some cheddar cheese plus a bit of water and a pinch of nutmeg. Then bake in the oven. Delish! I've used this to top pasta bakes, moussaka and canneloni and it turns out very nice.
Thanx Capricorn, that sounds lovely but i follow EE and i'm allowed only 1 HE a which i use for milk , so would need to syn the cheese.

Julesmorris- sounds good will try this also!

I did however use the brocoli pasta which was quite nice really - next time i will try the Mac cheese variety.

Jamie Olivers Cauliflower Macaroni Cheese - the slimming world way :rolleyes:

I did this last week - got a very decent 6 portions out of it which works out at 3/4 of a hex b and 1 hex a.

1 cauliflower
500gr macaroni (dried)
2 wholemeal rolls (hex b size)
250gr half fat chedder
250gr tub of half fat creme fraiche
2 cloves of garlic
sprig of rosemary
2 tablespoons of olive oil (2 hex b)

quarter the cauli, put it core down in a large pan with the macaroni and cook as per packet
grate the cheese
whizz up the bread for breadcrumbs, adding the rosemary and the olive oil
Drain the cauli/mac when ready (KEEP THE COOKING WATER!)
Put in a large lasagne dish, with about 400ml of the cooking water, mix in creme fraiche, cheese, garlic(crushed) and season.
Crush the cauli a bit and spread it out evenly.
Sprinkle the breadcrumbs over the top and bake in the oven for about 8-10 mins.

4 syns a portion, 1 hex a, 3/4 hex b, delicious, proper comfort food. :party0011:
Only just spotted this - my OH announced that he wanted to have cauliflower cheese tonight.

I didn't dare go near the cheese sauce, but made an alternative sauce for me with one egg, three tablespoons of free natural yogurt and 28g reduced fat cheddar. It actually turned out fine and looked reminiscent of 'proper' cheese sauce and with the cheese added, it tasty nice too (4 syns).

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