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anyone have experience with mobile/laptop broadband ?

I am getting a laptop very soon, and been looking into vodafone broadband 3gb for £15 a mnth... (free dongle if you got on 24 mnth contract) ...

read some bad reviews and some good ones, does anyone have any experience with it?

its mainly for when i am roaming in the car etc..

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I have heard that the cost to your mobile is huge if you use it to get the internet connection. Definately worth talking to them about that.


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well..i live in the middle of lala land and i cant get broadband any other way appart from a dongle...i cant find fault with it appart from its slow to kick in, and its fast...i can take my laptop anywhere in the garden in the car on days out with me, to my parents (are you getting the drift lol)...orange internet everywhere is what me and my partner are on, and if we take out the sim in the dongle we have free minutes call time too...go for it!

diddy x


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Hi Amathyst, We have the Vodafone broadband dongle & I have to say, after being very scepticle, we have had no probs whatsoever. It's very quick & so easy to use anywhere. xx


is Special :P
HIya.....i am on my mobile broadband now! I use the 3 dongle because i am renting and it was going to be such a hastle to connect. There is a magazine out at the moment rating them all.....O2 is rubbish apparently and orange too. Vodaphone is the fastest but not huge coverage.....T-mobile is cheap and pretty good and 3 is pretty good in my opinion.....rubbish though if you use it on the train.

Taz x
thanks guys! will go for vodafone.. i idnt know orange did them!!

confused though, if you check vodafone websie, there are 3 different types? modem, modem usb and a card? i dont get it?
Hi Love

We currently have a 3 dongle, and its great for the odd few things and to take when you go away (in thsi country) however I am so glad we are getting normal bradband back!!! Due anytine soon. I have trouble uploading pics, its takes ages!!! Although this could be where I live!!!!

I am glad though that we have it as it does what it says on the tin, however for me personally its a little too slow, great for in the car (when DH is driving) great when in hotels and dont wanna pay their charge, great for camping, but as an everyday (only) broadband I would seriousl think about what you are going to be using it for.


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