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Anyone here? Really need to talk..

Our Dog having a fit on and off for 40 mins, Hubby took him down the emergency vet. First fit he had was 10 days ago, and it lasted 5 mins top then he was ok.

But I am so upset, hubby shouted/screamed at me, It's my fault, I don't like dogs ( I have a b itch myself), If anything happens to him Then you know what's coming? screaming at me telling me I am not helping.

It was me that rung the vet, he was rude to the vet too.

I know Sam been fitting and it's scared him, but He has hurt me, To the point where I want to leave now for defo, Loads of other things has gone on in the past too, I just can't handle it, My 11 year old is horrid to him, telling him she wished he would die and get berried with his idiot Dad (he was the nicest kindest person ever, he died may last yr), and saying atleast I have a dad (one who never bothered) She is horrid. (Hubby step dad for 8 years), So he brought that up too and said he wants her out, (she obviously awake cus of the nose) Oh god I am so upset.
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I will do this...
Hey - I'm so sorry that you are upset - what an awful situation.

I'm sending you hugs - I'm here for you to chat too xx
Thank you Hun.

I don't understand, I know this is going on, And I would be out of my mind more if it was my dog, But he wasn't even like this When his Dad died. Yes he was angry etc but not like this.

I was sat there shaking, crying on edge, Trying to be calm, he kept screaming at me, I thought he was going to hit me, He had his fist right in my face too. Never ever done anything like that before, I was terrified, Still am, I want to grab the kids and go now. But I know he like it cus his dog fitting. But still ya know. Am so worried, I feel so alone, All my family are in Wales, I am stuck her in Leicester with him. :(


I will do this...
Its a really stressful situation for you all to be in and some people do react badly when faced with a situation such as this however it doesn't excuse any threat made to you.

If you do feel at all at danger - please do make yourself safe.

I completely understand how isolating and lonely it can be when you are away from your family, it makes hard situations even harder.

Please do make sure you are safe.

Thank you Jen Jen. I have learnt a lot tonight.

I text him just now asking what's going on, he replied they knocked him out, and are keeping him in. I think he is on his way home.

I feel much better now, So glad someone is awake. :)



I will do this...
Thank Exante for that - my TOM started an hour or so ago and I've flooded the bed. Only stopped 9 days ago too... I feel like utter eurgh lol

I'm glad you feel better. If you need to chat you know where I am.

I hope your dog gets better soon - I lobe my pets to the moon and back. A very upsetting and distressing night for you all.

Oh no bless you. Yes vlcd can be blamed. Happened to me when I did it last. Funny enough I've not had a period since august last year since I had my second implant in :). Touch wood touch wood. Hope u have a mattress cover.

Everything we go through to lose weight is worth it. ;-).

Thank you so much to exante for tonight.



I will do this...
Yup it defo is worth - remind me of that fact tomorrow when I'm moaning about TOM lol.

I hope everything settles down for you. Let me know how everything goes xxxxx
He just come hm. They keeping Sam sedated hoping he will come out of the fit. They taking bloods etc. And said if he don't come out of it they advised to have him put down. Could be a brain tumor. Not looking good they said.


Will know more tomorrow. Scary stuff hope he be ok. I don't know but it's weird cus he was fine until he went into kennels for a week bout 3-4 weeks ago then when he come out he was wired and whiney hen his first fit a week or so later now this. I wonder if he has picked something up? my b itch is fine though? And they up to date with their vaccinations. Hmmmm let you know

Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxx
I hope you're ok too and that you are no longer feeling threatened. Maybe talk about it with hubby in the morning? Xxx
Hope you got some sleep and things are better thismorning. X
Hi guys.

Sam came out of his sedation he eating wondering around, no sign of brain damage, bloods came back negative, Vet is 50/50 it's a brain tumor. Told hubby not to go down, they will call again at 2pm today. He went to work normal time 4.45 had no sleep. And I am not going to work for the rest of the week to get my head together.

Still sticking to diet though... Got doctors 9.40.



I will do this...

I was just thinking about you.

I'm sending hugs to you. Well done on sticking to the diet.

If you need to chat you know where I am xxxx
Made the appointment last week just to let them know I was doing lipotrim. And ofcourse all this going on. Urghh

Anyway she was not that helpful told me it was the wrong time go home and eat healthy and do lots of exercise and try again when my head is together. Advised me and hubby to go relate. Told me my moods may of coursed his major add on to his outburst. I left worse for wear.

Husband come home from work now. I have a self cert sick note will post it to work with a letter to say give me this week off to recover from all the stress. Manger knows circumstances now.

Just had a shake and I'm sticking to it. (I hope)

Hope your ok chick must be a day for it, had the dog at vet twice today with cough/choking/ vomiting and im getting the brunt of boyfriends wrath from dog and exam stress, sometimes i feel its not worth it
Only just read this hun hope you're feeling a bit better today? And that doggy is ok too.
Dont really know what to say right now, having a crappy day myself! Just wanted to offer **hugs** x
Thank you

Horror it sounds awful about you dog. Hope he/she is ok. My b itch often chokes its because she has a bigger inside of the throat she is a staffy quite common with them. Big hugs to you xxxx

Husband gone to pick him up now. He needs piece and quiet. No walking. Chilling out needs to take epilepsy med s for rest of his life. Such a relief.

Just cooking them all dinner now. Even cooking sausage each for the dogs. I'm so glad I'm in ketosis. Lol

Well at least epilepsy can be managed, yeah my dog tyger is a staffie too, poor wee babe has to go back tomorrow morning aswell
Awe love him. I know it's scary when they are choking. Does it only last a minute or so then stop. Then perhaps again later on? That's all molly does. Sam funny enough never made that sound.

They think Sam has a brain tumor but seeing how he gets on with these med s. Before scanning him. We r so on edge. We supposed to be going away to cornwal with my family start of July but don't think he will come as we don't feel comfy putting them in kennels.

Threw the sausages cus they looked funny and my daughter said they tasted of cardboard I had a nibble and she was correct so threw them. Checked date hu hum feb 20 I'm losing it lol. Xxxx

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