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Anyone Here With Pcos On Lipotrim???


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:eek:Dont think so , but I will check in with the doc's tomorrow to double check:confused:;)x


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hi, any one here with polycystic ovaries??
this is what led me to LT. every other diet took so long i got fed up?
does this work with pcos???:confused::confused::confused:
sandie x
Vlcd's work very well for those with pcos...your weight loss might be slightly lower than someone without this condition by a couple of pounds a month.

Here is a link to one of the latest threads on the subject

Anyone suffer from POLYCYSTIC OVARIES and is on CD?


In case you may not know CD is Cambridge Diet and it is similar to Lipotrim.

Love Mini xxx


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thanks mini x

Hi yes I am a sufferer, have been for about 6 years not. Believe me I have been on every diet, metformin, xenical the list goes on and excercise religiously every day and have never been able to loose even a pound a week!
I have been on this for a week and 5 days and lost 10LBS so far which is truely amazing. You know what the say - if a PCOS sufferer can loose a considerable amount of weight, the symptoms will become less and could eventually dissappear all together. Try it and let me know how you get on xxx


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Thanks guys, i'm on day 4 and starting to feel human again!!
not felt dizzy at all today,yay.
roll on monday
sandie x
good for you Sandie, stick at it x

xx Cathy xx

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Hiya just wondering if you guys could help me out. My Mum thinks my Sister may have PCOs. Shes got hair growing on her chest and she says thats one of the symptoms. What is PCOs and what symptoms come with it? Any help would be appreciated as shes been going through tests for severe headaches since Feb and I wondered if that was a possible symptom too.


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hi cathy,
excess hair is a symptom of pcos.
i basically have had trouble since i started, irregular and absent periods and weight issues.:( it was only when i read an article in more magazine about pcos that i went to my doc and requested a scan which confirmed this. not heard of headaches as a symptom though, more commonly absent, irregular or heavy periods, excess hair (face, chest, arms) weight gain and difficulty in losing weight and fertility probs. not everyone has all of the symptoms though.
they should be able to tell by a blood test before scans etc as it's all to do with the male/female hormones.
hope this helps:D
sandie x

xx Cathy xx

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Thanks sandie i'll pass info on. Unfortunately sounds like she has a few symptoms then. Shes got very hairy forearms for a girl (and legs but she shaves em) and on chest like I said, and when shes on poor kid shes stupidly heavy with them. Wont be sure about fertility for a while as shes only 15. I'll get my mum to get her checked out. Thanks for your help xx


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I have PCOS as well. I am hoping this works for me as I have tried every other diet known to man!!! lol


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I have PCOS as well. I am hoping this works for me as I have tried every other diet known to man!!! lol
Hi Violetfire,
I hope you find this as easy as I have done... :fingerscrossed:

I've never been officially diagnosed (via a scan) but my doctor almost 20 years ago told me it was probable that I had it, from my symptoms and a blood test. Back in those dark and distant days :)eek:) there wasn't really any info or advice, so I just carried on and didn't do anything more than taking Dianette (until they stopped it being prescribed for free, anyway...).

I did lose a bit of weight with slim-fast, in my early 20s, but it soon came back and more. I've now lost almost 4 stones on LT and am thinner than anytime since my teens! It's been tough at times (for me, especially towards the end...) but it's the best thing I've ever done and it's improved my life in so many ways! :D

Best of luck with your journey,
Marianne x


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I don't have PCOS but suffer from endometriosis. I managed to lose 4st in 14 weeks in the first 3 months of the year so hopefully this helps? x

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