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Anyone in ketosis on the diet?

I thought that one of the reasons for weight loss on the diet was the low carbs and a state of ketosis. But even though I stick strictly to the diet my loss has been very slow and I am showing no ketone's at all when I tested for the first time on the Ketostix.

I would be vey interested to know if anyone else has tried this and if so what your results are?
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I haven't used any sticks etc but assume to be in ketosis as I do not feel hungry the vast majority of the time. I have had no other symptoms associated with it.

How is your dairy consumption? If it is high then perhaps you are getting too many carbs that way.


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I don't know tbh. I am totally surprised about how happy I am to eat such little food cp to normal but that happened right from the start..so maybe not ketosis. I don't seem to have any of the other symptoms.

I have ordered some ketostix from ebay, so I should know soon.


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Nowhere does Dukan say to test for ketosis. It's not one of his things truly. Don't waste your money! We've given enough of our hard earned to the "diet industry" over the years surely?

But DO post some menus so that we can see what you're eating. You say your loss is slow, but before we could comment on that we'd like to see menus, and have you fill out your User Cp so we can see what you currently weigh, your height etc. Obviously someone with just a little to lose won't see the massive losses a heavier person would.

Please don't worry about ketosis.
Hi, thank you for the replies. Maintainer I have added the details to my profile.

I have been reading some of the diaries and in particular someone called Mummymouse on another forum. She lost around 50 to 60 lbs in 4 months or so to reach her goal. She says the more protein she ate the more she lost, on the days she ate less food in general the less she lost. So I have been trying to eat as much protein as possible and it did seem to help but my loss is still slow hence the reason for buying the Ketostix from the Pharmacy.

I know that the Dr. doesn't mention going into ketosis but I thought that was the basis of the diet, your body is burning it's own fat not the carbs you are eating.:confused:

I know I eat too much dairy (0 fat yogurt, fromage frais with sweetener) and I am trying to not eat as much. But I noticed the she (Mummymouse) did eat quite a bit of it as well. For an example the below is what I ate yesterday on a PV:

B: Gallette
S 2 Hard boiled egg whites
L 2 Chicken breast, red bell pepper
S 2 egg whites, Fromage Frais w sweetener and some SF jelly/jello
D Steak, onions, broccoli, mushrooms
S Fromage Frais with sweetener and some jello/jelly again.:eek: (I have a real sweet tooth and this is the one reason I can stick to the plan):(

I drink more than 1.5 litres of water a day.

By the way since I have bought the sticks I have shown 0 ketones. You would think that there were would be a small amount but as Poppy03 says perhaps it is the dairy.
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If the doctor wanted full blown ketosis, à la Atkins, he'd not include dairy, carrots/beetroot and oatbran... Don't worry too much about it. You're eating plenty of dairy, which your bones will thank you for later in life, and you don't in all honesty have that much to lose so you won't be losing it super quickly. As for chewing on egg whites, hmm... is there nothing else you fancy as a protein snack?

So many things can affect our losses too (transit, cycle, water, salt).
Maintainer, thank you. I would much prefer snacking on very sweetened yogurt or quark than the egg whites. :eek: I only just started that to try and lower my dairy intake (which is still a lot) and also up my protein.

I wish I could think of 30 lbs as not much to lose but at my rate of loss it feels like a lifetime!:sigh:


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Any reason why you can't eat the yolk as well? I find a one egg omelette really feels like proper food.
There is no reason other than I am trying to stay within the five a week limit on the diet. However because I use one egg with yolk and one egg white in my galette everyday I already exceed it by two. I love eggs and would have many a day if it wasn't limited on the diet.

This does bring up something interesting though. In the book the recipe for the galette shows to use two eggs and this is meant to be eaten everyday but then he limits the consumption to five a week for those that don't have a cholesterol problem.:confused:


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I think the level of ketosis is very light. I bought some sticks ages ago and never registerd anything on them, but I can feel when I am in ketosis.
M-mouse, that is interesting but it does seem strange that even if it was light it wouldn't register as light on the strips. I am not sure what it feels like to be in ketosis so maybe that tells me I have never experienced it!


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I think people are getting a bit hung up about the "5 yolk" per week thing. This diet has worked successfully for years on the premise that eggs are an unlimited food, and according to Dr D you only need limit your yolks if you are in a high cholesterol category. I know that according to the website it advises limiting your yolks, but the same website (which I paid to get access to!) also says that you have have pasta in attack if you are missing it- how stupid is THAT!!!????


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There is also a recipe on there at the moment for a white chocolate mouse which contains white chocolate liqueur! I try and limit eggs now only because I know too many don't do me personally any favours!


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I agree m-mouse, same here about self editing my egg intake. The other factor around being in ketosis is how much body fat you actually have to lose. If you are on the borderline BMI categories, you'll find that you dip in and out of ketosis a lot. When I got near the end of LighterLife, my ketostix were mainly negative as my BMI had dropped to around 22 and there wasn't a lot of fat left to burn. Also, testing within an hour or two of a meal - any meal - might distort your results, as your body will switch out of ketosis quickly if there is some glucose it can burn.
I wouldn't be too hung up on being in ketosis. Acid test, if your breath smells like pear drops and your mouth tastes like a dirty witch's pocket, you are probably in ketosis. ;)
Zeke, that is interesting because it appears from your chart you are still in attack and I would think that would be the time that it would most likely show ketones in the system. I only just tried it for the first time last week which is well into cruise for me.

It would be interesting to know though if those that lose loads very quickly like Mummymouse on the other forum that lost more than 50 lbs to reach her goal in four months had high ketones in her system. There are of course many others that have had much less to lose and have done it in no time compared to me.

I'm an incredibly slooooow loser and perhaps it takes a lot less carbs to get my fat burning, I don't know. However I don't want to give up on the diet and do keep trying other than giving up my sweetened dairy that is.:rolleyes:


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Zeke, that is interesting because it appears from your chart you are still in attack and I would think that would be the time that it would most likely show ketones in the system.
Yes, I have just finished my last day on attack (final results in the morning!). I am eating a lot of dairy though. I am eating more now at the end of attack than I was at the start for sure. Yesterday I ate the max of 1kg and today I wasn't far off with 900g.

I know I may well need to cut back on the dairy if I stall. It has been suggested that the max may need to be cut in half.

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