Anyone in Staffordshire


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Is anyone from here from Staffordshire (well more localised, Newcastle-u-Lyme) just wondering if anyone deals with the CDC in this area and if he/she is ok.
Now that is a little of a trek.... I work in Crewe, there is only one listed on the CB website..... Not too sure whether to email and see if there is any others...

How long have you been doing CD for?
Only 3 days this time I am in the middle of having a very unpleasnat allergic reaction though so not sure i will be continuing gutting as i only bought a months supply on Sunday oh well. There is a lady in Northwood and one in Trentham think they are both on the website although i did ring and got more than are on the web x
Yes I did read that on another thread. You poor lass........ Let me know how you get on?

Trentham ain't too bad depending on time she'd like to go.... I have dropped CD an email to send them to me, cause I know a couple just say south staffs, and not which areas' they cover.

I presume you attend your CDC house or do they come to you?

Not all counsellors are on the webpage if you telephone CD freephone 161412 they will find you a counsellor as near as possible to your postcode.