Anyone interested in a photography project?


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A couple of years ago I took part in Project365. For those that don't know, basically you take an image a day for the whole year. It can be a photo of ANYTHING. It was through this project that I developed a love for photography and an obsession with lenses;) I thought this might be nice for some miniminers to get involved with as we are all on a life changing journey, it would be an amazing chance to document it. I have set up a private group (no one else can see unless they are a member of the group - by invite or request to join) The group is on a photo sharing site called flickr. This was the original project365 Flickr: Project 365 and here is ours You dont need a flashy camera, the emphasis is on recording your day (a photo diary if you like). It really is a fab project as you gain an insight into each others lives. It gives you a hobby and a purpose.. and also a reason to get out and about with your camera (only so many photos you can take indoors!)

If anyone is interested, just let me know x

PS Happy New Year
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wow that sounds like a really cool thing to do...i need to pick up my camera again and get snapping :)
not sure if i will join the group tho straight skills would shame you all as they are very rusty! haha


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Id love this - can I join please x


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what a great idea! can i join to please!:D


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I keep meaning to do one of these but think maybe a 365 would be a little bit too taxing for me so was thinking of doing a 52 week project to see how I get on with a view to maybe doing a 365 next year.