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Anyone know about plumbing?

Help!! My Kitchen Sink is blocked. I used some of that Mr Muscle stuff (twice) but no luck. Hubby took off the Ubend and its not blocked. Its much further down as far as we can see.

We live in a 1st floor flat & I don't know where the waste pipe goes (possibly into the shop below).

Told the landlord last night, and he said he'd get someone to look at it asap - still no one here. I can't use the washing machine and am having to wash up in the bathroom sink!

Anyone got any suggestions?
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My Mr fills a big bucket if pipes or loo gets blocked,stands as high up as possible and drops the water down with as much force as possible maybe a couple of times.

There is a bicarbonate soda method,but I can't recall if that's on it's own and left to froth up or mixed with something. Google will know. X


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if you live on the first floor, the blockage could be below. I had a blockage at home , 1st floor toilet and it ended up with my mate on the roof with a set of plumbers rods down what is effectively known as the Stink Pipe - this finally got it cleared.
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Is it just the sink or the toilet as well?? If its just the sink i would try a few things......

Have you a plunger? If so try that...... Is the water moving slowly or not at all?? ...... Did you say it was a shop under you?? If so have you asked them if they have a problem as well?

Let me know and will try you with some more advice as i work in the trade. Hope it works or gets better soon :)

p.s and i hope you can still see my posts ;) x
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Re-read your post....pop to B&Q and get a plunger if you haven't got one...... Sometimes you can get drain rods in there for domestic size drains (1" 1/2 / 2")
Off the the gym be back at 9.30, ill check in then :) x
Lol!! Its just the sink, not the loo. Its not draining at all. In fact it seems to be worse since we tried to unblock it - at least it was draining a tiny bit before. The shop haven't said they are having any probs, but its are the landlords shop so he prob wouldn't say anything.
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I've googled.

Bicarb rinsed down with white vinegar, leave for an hour and pour boiling water down to rinse through.
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Failing the bicarb go to an hardware shop and get some caustic soda, about £3. Get some black heavy duty gloves and follow the instructions. Beware caustic soda will strip your skin off so get the gloves (black ones). I'm guessing it's a fat blockage.
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You will need a plunger if its not moving at all...... A mass blockage me thinks lol

Caustic soda might help too...... If it helps with moving the fat maybe i should take some lol

When our sink has blocked i used my hand as the plunger keep doing it and keep the hot water in there (scoop out cold/warm water)

Hope you get it sorted soon :)
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I think though as it's a long down pipe the water would cool too much to clear the blockage completely but caustic soda eats everything (great for hair blockage too) but it could work!
Sorry all.

Plumber came on wednesday, had a look & sauid it waa a blockage further down the pipe but that that he wouldn't be able to do anything till next tuesday. Was going to go & caustic soda last night but in the meantume he has been back & replaced all the pipes.

He aays its due to gunk from our washing machine & acommon problem now as washing at low temps & using non bio liquid detergent without bleach in does this apparently! He told us to do a monthly maintenance wash (90 deg, boi powder with bleach, nothing in the drum) to stop it happening again.

I can't believe my attempts to save the planet were the reason!!

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