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Anyone know anything about the rebranding yet?

My CDC said no new flavours :cry:
thinfor30 - thanks for the info! rather sad I agree - I was looking forward to a nice change. I'm happy with what I have but just one new soup flavour would have been nice!
Apparently they're focusing on the re-branding rather than the new flavours in order to attract new clients.

I wanted maple syrup porridge, meh!
after trying apple porrige for the first time today i am thinking maple syrup would be nice still not sure if i liked it
The main points of the re-branding is that the brand is to be known as Cambridge Weight Plan rather than Cambridge Diet and those of us who are Counsellors (CDCs) are to be called Consultants instead.

The packaging has been completely re-designed and looks modern, fresh and fantastic although the contents remain the same as before. There are no new flavours/products (yet anyway :rolleyes:).

The even better news is that there are going to be NO price rises! :D


please try again
*cwpc* lol oh the food police!
I think the new bars look like the boots options bars! Sharon I saw you in the calender - you look FANTASTIC!!! x
Thanks Megan! I loved doing the calender photoshoot and think everyone who's on it looks amazing. As I'm featured on February which is the shortest month, I guess that means people don't have to look at me for TOO long anyway :giggle:

I think the new packaging is wonderful and agree with you about the bars (I hadn't thought of that before :rolleyes:). The best part is that they look like they actually contain 'real' food now :)
I went to see my CDC for the first time in ages today, to have my photie taken and to catch up. She was talking about the re-branding, she was saying that there will be more focus on the maintenance side of things which is one of the reasons for a change from 'diet' to 'weight plan'.

She was asking if we'd be interested in becoming Consultants :D Not sure I'd have the time, though it'd be a good move for Mrs LJ, I'll have to try and talk her into it...
thats interesting cause my cdc told me there will be price rises.. x


Gone fishing
Not from Cambridge Rainbow, but of course, if your CDC didn't put her prices up at the last Cambridge price rise, she make take this opportunity to do so.
well tetra and bars are 1.97 and shakes are 1.75 x
Sounds about right to me.

I charge £1.75 for sachets and £2.00 for the ready-mixed cartons and bars (I couldn't be doing with the odd pennies :D) and will continue to do so after the re-branded stuff becomes available.