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Anyone know ww point of chip shops

We are out late tonight so hubby has suggested that we get something from the chippy, which is fine as I have loads of points at the mo to spend.

But I have not got my eating out guide yet I am picking one up on Monday.

Any Idea what points are in chips and pies and fishcakes and all that type of food that we are ment to be staying away from as I have NO idea.

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Oooh sorry can't help, but have a few chips for me, don't forget the salt, vinegar and onion juice tho :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

Hopefuly someone in the 'know' will be along soon :D
I hope so!! I am aware that they are going to be high but not sure how high they are! Need to know as if it is gonna take me over I am gonna be good and have something else!



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Chips (average medium portion 175G be careful half of bag some places) = 7½

Source: helppoints
Thanks for that Mini that gives me some Idea, I will have a better look at it a bit later when I know exactly how may points I have left.

For the chips is that saying tha 175g = 7.5 points?

Hiya Clair enjoy your chips and whatever youre having dont think it will harm you for once if you go over your points you can cut back the next day thats what i do if i have anything like that.
I thought you had to save your point before you ate them. Or can you save your point after if it is within the same week?

Oh bethany my PM works now! Thankyou starlight for guiding me through it!
Hi i will pm you maybe this afternoon if that is ok

All i know is that you can save 4 points a day if youre having a treat . I woild do it that way myself if gone over cut back the next day .
Does it mean that it is 7.5 points for 175g of chips does anyone know if that is what it means!

Yes Starlight all working now thankyou!


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Does it mean that it is 7.5 points for 175g of chips does anyone know if that is what it means!

Yes Starlight all working now thankyou!
Yes, that is what it means but have no idea what 175g looks like...:rolleyes:

I have a points guide here by WW and it says in the section eating out under Chip Shops...

Average portions served in chip shops.

Beef and kidney pie 11 points

Chicken portion, no skin 3 points

Chips................ 9 points.

Cod in batter 12 points

Haddock in batter 7 points

Mushy peas 2 points

Plaice in batter 8 points

Sausages (2), egg, chips and beans 14 1/2 points.

Tartare sauce, one tablespoon 1 point

Tomato ketchup, 2 tablespoons 1/2 point
Thanks Mini that is really helpful as I have 15 points that I can use to that should be enough LOL
heres a list i have


Main Meals

Chicken Portion (no skin, deep fried) 6
Chips (average/medium portion) 9
Cod in Batter (medium) 7
Cod in Batter with Chips 16
Fish cake, Chips & Peas 13½
Frankfurter (medium) 4
Frankfurter (large) 6½
Grilled Fish cake 1½
Haddock in Batter (medium) 6
Haddock in Batter with Chips 15
Jumbo Sausage (fried) 5
Meat Pie, Chips & Peas 21
Plaice in Batter (medium) 8
Sausage fried (large) 2½
Sausage in Batter (medium) 7
Sausage in Batter, chips & Peas 18
Steak & Kidney Pie 11
Steak & Kidney Pie, chips & Peas 22

Side Orders

Curry Sauce (average portion) 2
Mayonnaise (1 sachet) 1½
Mushy Peas (average portion) 2
Onion Gravy 1
Pickled Egg 1½
Pickled Gherkin 0
Pickled Onion 0
Tartare Sauce (1 sachet) ½
Tomato Sauce (2 sachets) ½


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You can also earn bonus points by walking and doing exercise.

Love Mini xxx
Ha there you go a jumbo sausage and chips will do nicely, I wont eat all the chips anyway, even the small bags are too big these days.
I wish I hadn't read this thread now....I've already eaten my dinner but now I want chip shop fish and chips!! YUM!
Well if it is any help Marie, I felt so guilty about eating half a bag of chips and a sausage it was unbelievable. OK so it was enjoyable but now I with I had'nt as I am wondering what I am in for on Monday :sigh: .

Hopefully i have not done that much damage with just that little bit and I did have 15 points to eat them with so keep fingers crossed and everything else for me (should be ok).....
I'm sure you'll be fine, though I know how you feel about feeling guilty for eating it - I've got a meal out coming up on Saturday and I already feel guilty about that, lol!

So long as it was worth it, that's the main thing. It's not as if it's a regular occurrence is it...a one off is fine...good for you even! That's what I tell myself anyway, lol.