anyone like snakes?


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Yep I am a little odd and I keep snakes XD
(I also have a dog and some toads)

This is a pic of my mum holding my boa constrictor Peddlebin ^^

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Love snakes...ours are smaller tho we have 3 Cornsnakes and they are so beautiful...they have different personalaties too. "my" one is called Sherbert and i got him for Mothers Day 2 years ago...far far better than chocs or flowers


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i had a yellow ratsnake but he was so unsociable i sold him!

i have 3 bearded dragons (23 eggs cooking), 2 crested geckos, 1 tokay gecko, 1 chile rose & 1 salmon pink. oh, and 1 bosc (he's fairly new i always forget him lol) :)


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I quite like snakes, though never had one as a pet. Held one before when I was younger - think it was a boa, very heavy! But very beautiful.