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Anyone looking for a buddy??


Slimming down the aisle

I've posted a few times here but I've been mainly over on the Cambridge Diet boards. I started on the Cambridge Diet a couple of months ago and lost almost 3 stone, but am having to move over to calorie counting because of the costs.

Start Weight : 19st 13lbs (279lbs)
Current Weight : 17st 4lbs (242lbs)
Goal Weight : 12st 0lbs (168lbs)

Start BMI : 41.2
Current BMI : 35.7
Goal BMI : 23.6

So as you can see I've still got a LONG way to go. I'd set Christmas as my goal date but as I'll have slower losses now I'm not doing the Cambridge Diet, I'm not sure when I'll get there!

I was wondering if there was anyone who maybe has around the same amount to lose who wants to kind of... buddy up. If you know what I mean! Just try and encourage each other, so that I have someone to be accountable to, and vice versa. I did this with CD and it helped, but obviously I can't really do that now with them as it would be a bit mean to be talking about food when they're not having any!

Also, just want to thank everyone so far. This board has been very helpful!!

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Shoot to thrill
I've got roughly the same to lose. I'm 16st and want to get to 11st. It would be good to have a buddy. I struggle with staying motivated. <3


Slimming down the aisle
I think motivation is the hardest part! At the moment I'm doing well, staying motivated, but in a few days or a week, once the novelty has worn off slightly, who knows!


Shoot to thrill
Yeah me too. I did well a few months ago and stuck at ti for a month then fell of the wagon. Now I've been back on it since yesterday and am totally motivated! I won't be next week though so we should aim to chat to one another every day if we can, we can't forget about being thinner!


Slimming down the aisle
Sounds like a plan to me! Do you have msn or anything? Or can email, up to you!

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