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Anyone near target but struggling to reach it??

Im so near.... but so far:sigh:. Anyone else like this? It seems the closer I get to target the more I struggle and the fair coming to town with sweet stalls didn't help this week. I seem to have been this weight give or take a few lbs for weeks now. I think I need a :copon: x
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Stubborn tortoise
YESSSS.... that's me, too. Been messing around lately and it feels like I will never shift the last 9lbs. Am on 810 and I realized after a few good weeks I had slowly been making up my own rules... whatever I was following, it WASN'T 810! Took me a while to get my head back into gear but this is day three of being 100% 810 again and I am back in ketosis and the scales seem to be edging in the right direction. I hope!!! I have postphoned my weigh in till next week to give myself a chance, as I was scared another sts would derail me again.

Why do we do this when so close to target? Crazy!!! I want to get to goal and I WILL do it. You can too, Triple. No slaps on the way but a big hug... we'll get there!


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Me to, although I don't officially know my weight yet I know I am within a stone of being at goal going by my clothes. I am really struggling at the moment to stop picking but can't help myslef. Am determined to have a 100% weekend as I might be finding out on Monday how far I have come.


can see the end in sight!
oh god, i can only dream of being in all your situations! :) good luck ladies, i'm sure you will make it. x
I can relate. You know, here is an experiement, try to stick to it 100% for 3 days. I bet you break the plateau and get back on track xx


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Love the experiement, Quizz. I am up for that!

Sizzling & Gemma, hang on in there... we CAN do this!!! Maybe we shuld start a shift-that-last-stone thread!!!

Eyeson, you have done AMAZINGLY so far, look how far you have come! You should be SOOOOO proud of yourself. You are over halfway and I bet you are looking incredible & feeling a whole lot better. You'll get there. Big hugs.


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triple trouble,Sizzling, Gemma and katy, I'm exactly the same. I've been the same weight give or take a lb too, for weeks, I keep trying to get back on track, but like Gemma and sizzling I keep picking.


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Oh gawd, I don't wanna read stuff like this - that'll be me, I bet! :eek: Particularly as I'm probably going to 'move' my target weight anyway (I'll be on CD forever, help! :eek:).

Seriously tho' folks, we mustn't forget that our CDCs will be there to hold our hands during times like this. Minimins is so good, that it's easy to forget our fantastic CDCs, waiting in the wings to catch us when we fall! :) I for one will be working very closely with mine when I get near target - I'll be taking it day by day with lots of finger-crossing! :fingerscrossed::fingerscrossed::fingerscrossed:


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Don't want to scare you Jaycey, but my CDC falls into this category too... she is still not at target & hasn't really moved in the 4 months I have been with her. Sometimes we are scared in our heads of getting to goal, for whatever reason...


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You're doing great Curly, keep steaming onwards! It helps to see things through your eyes though, a stone ago I would have been horrified to think I'd be at this stage & messing about and stalling... time to get a grip and get to goal.
Thank you everyone for your comments. I'm so glad I am not the only one.
Katycakes what you have said is so true we all really need to get a grip.
Quizz im up for that too. Perhaps we should start a thread like Katycakes recommends and each week say what we want to lose and then report back? Whos up for that?
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Stubborn tortoise
Me, definitely... will you start it, Triple? I really need something to keep me focused and this would really help. We can encourage each other onwards and then meet up again on the maintenance threads... sounds like a plan!
One trick I used, which may sound a bit mad, was that I convinced myself that if I actually reached goal I would increase my chances of maintaining. I reasoned that I had dieted many times and always regained and the common theme was that I never achieved what I had set out to by reaching goal. I thought that if I could feel that sense of achievement it would make it more valuable to me. There is no basis in fact for any of this but it helped me.

Bugger started a thread on the 100% CD forum by accident, any ideas how I move it to just the CD forum, incase anyone mentions food with struggling x
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I know exactly what you mean... I have set a target, a realistic one, and I want to get there! If I give up now (and that could happen if I don't get my act together) then I've let go of the plan and all that I've done so far might unravel. It seems crazy to get so close and not get all the way to goal, when i have worked so hard to get here. Just because I am in a 'comfort zone' of feeling slimmer, or maybe feel a bit anxious about being properly slim... well, those are not reasons to fail.

Thanks for the insight Porgeous, great to hear tactics that worked for successful maintainers like you!

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