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Anyone on Day 1 of Dukan diet?

hi and welcome.... im on my 4th week. there are lots of ppl on here who are great with help etc so dont be afraid to ask if you are unsure of anything xx
Hi! I'm on day 1 today. Just had my lunch (king prawns). How's it going for you? X

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last diet.......EVER!!
welcome aboard the Dukan experience....I'm on my 8th week, this is a fantastic site, you'll never feel alone & lost.
As previously said don't be afraid to ask 'anything' how silly it may sound, as there are some very 'wise owls' out there that have been there & done it!!
Welcome - my first day doesn't seem all that long ago! I still remember my first (disastrous!) galette.
Welcome - my first day doesn't seem all that long ago! I still remember my first (disastrous!) galette.
lol, same here..
My first galette looked more like scrambled eggs:D

I don't think I will last feel really sick and can't eat meat all day long :/
The first few days are the most difficult part of the diet, going through carb withdrawal gave me terrible headache but I am happy I didn't give up, I am sure you will too.. I never thought losing weight would be this easy:)
Day 3

I am find the attack hard, I nearly stole a caramel snackajack out of my bosses hand this morning. I am really craving carbs but...... I have lost 8.4lbs since Sunday:) . I was going to do 10 days on attack but think I will do 7 days then go have a big chicken salad lol.
Any tips for attack? Any one found anything sweet to help their cravings?
Fat free natural yoghurt mixed with sweetener helps, there are also recipes on here for cheesecake. Do u have galettes? Try putting lots of sweetener in. There's also sugar free jelly
Did you go to the official site and calculate how long you should be on attack for Carly? Very few people need to do it for 10 days - even I was only recommended 6 and I have a fair bit more to lose than you. If you're struggling then move onto Cruise and get some variety back into your diet.
No, I read the book. I will keep at it till 7 days and see how I feel. I feel alot better today porridge and an omelette really helped, plus its shopping day so Im getting lots of tasty fish.
I am 10lbs down today so that has motivated me, alot.
I am going to make a galette tomorrow and see how it goes. I also mixed cinnamon/sweetner/low fat greek yoghurt that is lovely.
Thanks for the replies girls.
How is everyone else doing?
I feel like its going really well apart from the fact I feel SO sick. I didn't sleep from feeling sick & actually did a pregnancy test this morning as it feels so like morning sickness (it isn't btw!) Is anyone else suffering with nausea? Will it pass? I've gone through carb withdrawal before but never suffered this. Anyone got any tips? X

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The nausea is a good sign that ketosis has kicked in, and therefore an ideal time to switch to cruise, which a.) will make you feel better and b.) is the stage of the diet where real fat loss occurs, rather than just a reduction in glycogen and water.

So - go for it, and eat a vegetable or 10!

Good luck
Thanks Atropos :) I had a PV day yesterday but hopefully it's just my body adjusting after a carb fuelled couple of weeks. The thought of PP today is knocking me sick so just need to carefully plan what I'm going to have I think. My 8lb gain was down to excessive bread & chocolate consumption over 2-3 weeks so perhaps it's proper sugar withdrawal :( X

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