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Anyone on the 810 plan?

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Yep, I left a message on your profile page. I tried a thread called 'where are you 810's' and it worked for a while but people probably moved up plans etc :)

I'll be on 810 till another 3.5lbs have gone. I'll have 6lbs to lose then when I'm on 1000-1500 plans yay!!

I love 810 hehehehehehehehhehe I'm a bit sad!

Good luck hun with it xxx


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Thank you!

Yes, that might be it, people go up the plans! I'll try to find that post you left me :).


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bump the thread!

I want to nosy for a few weeks time and will continue to post on that one when the time comes.
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I decided to start 810 on Sunday, was doing SS+ before that and SS before that. I am 1 stone from goal and really really struggling to stay on this diet, i am now in size 10 jeans and 12 tops and so am not sure if I want to get to goal or stay where I am, but having 810 has really helped. I tend to eat quorn, tuna or cottage cheese and I halve the amounts I am allowed to eat and have half a meal at lunchtime and the other half at dinner time. I then space out my shakes inbetween, or make up 300ml of mixamousse divide into two tubs and then have after my lunch and dinner. Haven't had any exciting recipes yet, but have decided to stay on 810 and see how much weight I lose...


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Sounds good to divide the meal in two. How great that you are in 10/12 size clothes! You must be excited about that! I am a bit worried that my weight loss will slow down a lot when starting the 810 plan. But there is no other way to know than to try it :)
S: 12st8lb C: 12st7lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st1lb(0.57%)
I was size 20 when I started at end of March, so I am ecstatic about my dropped sizes, I cannot believe that I can walk into a shop and pick up a size 12 and it will fit... I said to hubby that I pick up my size 10 jeans in the shop and get to check out and I imagine the girl there looking at me and thinking, you are joking aren't you, there is no way you will fit into a size 10... but I do and I am finding it hard to get my head around it.
It is my WI tomorrow, I will let you know if I lose any weight, although according to my scales this morning I had put on 0.2lb since last WI and my WI is later tomorrow than normal so may have drunk more by then... but we shall see...


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That is truly amazing! Your weight has come off quickly! I can't wait until I can go into a normal store and pick up a small size like that! Good luck on your WI tomorrow!

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