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Anyone out there!!


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Well here I am trying another diet.

As you can see from my profile I've done a few.

I kept the weight off for a while, but its creeping on and I need to stop it NOW!!! before it gets out of control and I gain back all I've lost on the other diets.

I started SB on my brothers advice who lost a couple of stones last year and found it easy peasy. The thought of SSing on LT or CD just fills me with dread so I thought I'd give it a go.

I started Sunday and am 4lbs down already. I am aware that this is mainly water, but heyho its good to see the scales going in the right direction.

I'm in the 'zone' and at the moment I'm finding it fine. After Ssing, eating all this lovely food is a bonus esp to still be losing weight.

I have a diet log on paper, but will update on here just incase anyone is having a nosy. :)
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hello :) im not doing south beach but have you thought about dukan diet or atkins? both have plans in there for maintenance and are low carb too?


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Sorry about the late reply. My computors been down :(
I've tried Atkins, but found it too restrictive, I don't know too much about Dukan, but to be honest I'm finding South Beach really easy.

I'm having no problem with losing weight whatsoever. When I SS on Lipotrim, I only lost 2 - 3lbs a week so I'm matching that and I'm eating really well. I'm not hungry and I'm eating lots of lovely food. It was my anniversary last week and I had a lovely glass of Red wine..and this was allowed.

I'll keep posting my losses on here in case anyone is interested.


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Another 2lbs gone. :)


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Thanks Coffee....its easier then Atkins. I've done Atkins a few times, but get really fed up of having no carbs what so ever. I love having chick peas, kidney beans etc (yummy chili con carne). Phase 2 is fab....lots of good foods you cannot have on Atkins (plus wine!!). Up to now I'm having better losses. I don't want to jinx it though as I'm due a bad week.
Hi Vicky I love Atkins, but sometimes after a few weeks I feel a bit off kilter. I probably just eat too much. I get nausea and chest pains which worry me a bit.

I also discovered recently I have a wheat intolerance. Seems like if I stay away from wheat, I can eat pretty much what I want and not gain. What a revelation I can't believe it's taken all these years to figure it out. That's probably why I always felt so good in phase 1 of Atkins, no wheat. I've since learned that a lot of the low carb products have wheat in them. Wonder if a lot of people experience this problem too and wonder why. Jim's right frankenfoods:)

Thank goodness crisps and alcohol are wheat free. Miss everyone on the Atkins site, but still sneak a peak at what everyone's up too. xo

Seems like South Beach agrees with you shazpaz well done you look great. Will check this out. Also a friend is doing the "diet solution" and it's sounds similar to South Beach.
Hi coffee - sorry about the pains etc :( Ah you wouldnt think low carb stuff would have wheat in would you?

yes praise be for crisps and alcohol - well just alcohol in general!!!
best of luck and do keep in touch :D


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Only a lb this week, but heyho a lbs a lb!!
Coffee - I'm wheat intolerent too. Makes you wonder how many people are and do not realise it!! Good luck hun. x
Well done Shazpaz. :) Another pound gone.

Amen for crisps and alcohol Vicky. Will keep in touch. How you doing this week?

I'm feeling pretty good this week. Haven't weighed myself, but pretty much at goal (7lbs to go ) although won't reach it until after New Year.
Im ok hon x thats brill coffee - yes after xmas is when we will all be back battling LOL


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Sorry I've not updated for a few weeks. I've now lost a stone. Yay.....its took a while to get there, but its done. I'm half way there now..... another stone to go.


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Shazpaz -- you lost a stone and did it over the holidays that is fantastic. I love South Beach -- I have a couple of the cookbooks and it is really a diet for life (maintenance) once you get to phase 3. I am doing CD ssing -- because I do better without food in the mix. However, once I get to goal I will use SB for my long-term maintenance programme. Moderation and good choices.

My husband does very well on SB and I have used it in the past to lose about 2 stone before losing the plot.



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Hi MinnieMel. I love it too. I've now lost 17lbs. I've done Ssing before and to be honest couldnt face it again. I've been out for a couple of meals this weekend, but just made the right choices. Thats what I struggled with when ssing. We go out for meals ALOT and hubby was getting fed up of it. Good on ya for sticking to it hun.

I agree re SB being a 'for life' diet. I honestly think I can stick to this for life, but with the odd treat.

Good luck with CD.


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Another 1lb :)


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Hi Bastet...Thanks hun. It is a fab diet isn't it. I've lost 21lbs now...so I'm pleased with that. Because I have a sweet tooth I've managed to find ways round this diet. I have plenty of sugarfree gum and sweets around, plus I have diabetic ice-cream and sugarfree jelly when I need a sweet fix. Its all about making the right choices.

Good luck everyone. xx


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I stayed the same last week. Weigh day tomorrow, but think I've maybe only lost 0.5lb...I'm in a bit of a plateau, but I'm going to continue and see what happens.

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