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anyone pregnant following the plan?


I will do this!!!
My friend did it from before she was pregnant and is still doing it now, she never came off and she did really well. She's lost 4 stone in just over a year including being pregnant. Good luck and congratulations :)
Congratulations ! I'm hoping to become pregnant this year, so I was wondering does anyone know how the plan changes when you are pregnant ? Are you allowed more healthy A choices or more B choices ? If so, how many ?


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The plan doesn't change when you are pregnant as it is healthy eating anyway. The extra HEs only kick in after the birth if you are breastfeeding.
Ok - thanks Circes, that makes sense ! Is it just an extra couple of A choices for breast feeding then ?


I am one of the 63336
I read the thread heading and thought 'buggar, if that's a side effect of the plan I'm coming off it straight away!!' :-D

Seriously, congratulations on your forthcoming happy event xx
Ha ha thats funny Sue - Thats why I am following the plan, hoping that it WILL be a side effect ;)
Im 24 weeks pregnant and started SW yesterday as i was overweight before getting pregnant and want to make changes now!

Congratulations on your pregnancy, hopefully we can support each other x


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Ok - thanks Circes, that makes sense ! Is it just an extra couple of A choices for breast feeding then ?
I depends on the age of the baby and whether you are completely breastfeeding but ranges between one and four extra HEs. Your consultant will give you a booklet with the details.
Hi Guys,

Thanks for all your replies and GOOD LUCK to all those trying for lil ones this year and the rest of you following the plan!

Yummy mummy that would be great as all my friends that are expecting are skinny minnies and i dont think have had to worry about weight/bmi once! God im only 19 weeks and my back aches already! :)

Ive got a gym appt tom morn, i used to go loads but when i found out i was expecting stopped as i felt so awful, so im going back to get my "pregnancy" plan worked out for me, im just fed up feeling so weak and sluggish!

speak to you all soon!

Have a great sunday :) xxx


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When you reach target you are allowed extra HEs. It can take a bit of time and experimenting to work out how many more you can have without it affecting your weight but you can be up to three pounds either side of your target weight before you start paying again. I imagine if you are a target member who is also breast feeding this would still be the case.
I too joint the gym, in November and have only been for my induction so not a very good start. I have oredered some maternity joggers so as soon as they arrive i will get bak down there.

Im following EE so that im not limiting anything from my diet, but also having 2 a choices, although your meant to have one i think the calcium is important.:eek:

What plan are you following?

Had a really good re-program at the gym and am going back tom for more and a swim :)

Im doing the red and green days, i made a big boo boo though and started the plan today without going shopping so im straight out the door tom to load up on fruit!

Ive ordered some joggers from river island website in the maternity section, they were only £10! I do need some more though and some yoga bottoms and im going to try that out to x

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