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anyone run as a form of exercise?

And if so, how does it fit in with your SW plan??

I am currently on day two of my beginners training programme. I can't run to save my life at the mo and have a lot of weight to shift but apparently running is supposed to shift it! :rolleyes: and I can't afford a gym membership so I figure this is the cheapest form of exercise too!!

Its a form of exercise I have fancied doing for a while so I am finally doing something about it!

Just wondered if anyone else runs and how it affects your weight loss and what you eat!

Also any tips!
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I try!! just wish I could run more often! I need to get into a definate routine with running - or just generally exercise!!
Feeling abit guilty this week as haven't attempted any vigorous exercise at all - and not been to gym for a week - TOM has made me feel lethargic :(
I love running - often plug myself in to my ipod and take the dog and go for a half hour run - really nice to be out exercising outdoors - and I always ache the next day or 2 after (which I never feel from the gym anymore) so I know it does me good - if only i did it more often then I will be well away!! Definatly need to build it up - Im aiming for a one hour run 2 or 3 times per week as well as 1 or 3 gym sessions.....but nowhere near that at the mo!!!
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I'd like to start running ... I've done a bit with the Wii Fit and I have a treadmill gathering dust in the garage. I'd like to hear if it is making a difference to your loss as that'll probably motivate me to find somewhere to put the treadmill !


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I used to do long distance running when i was at school - i can't run the length of myself now. When i get back to work i am going to join a gym and take up running and the cross trainer then!


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i would like to start running but i would feel more comfortable running with someone else. But i am not able to find a running partner. :(


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With the nice weather (wishful thinking!) I've started this week to try and start jogging again. I got up early on Mon and yesterday and did 30 mins. I intersperse the jogging with walking - especially when I have to go uphill as the park has some steep hills! I've just downloaded some new music so I'm loving my tunes and it makes me feel pretty good the rest of the day.

I'm aiming to do 3-4 days a week of jogging/walking if I can fit it in. Or 3 days of jogging/walking and 1 day of fitness DVD (like the Claire from Steps one) which incorporates some toning.
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Hi Raquel,

Yeah, I'm following a beginners training programme for a 5k run - I'm doing the Race for Life in less than 3 weeks! :eek:

I was never a runner, but I'm finding I'm getting to really enjoy it and feel proud of myself for sticking with it! I'm not quite keeping up with the plan - it says I should be running in 8 minute blocks now, but I'm doing 4 minute blocks instead. But at least it's improving from when I started 3 weeks ago! :D

It's certainly getting easier having less weight to lug around too!!!

Good luck!

I have been running at the gym - but just started with the nice weather to go outside.
At the gym i have been interval training so doing two minutes running, then two mins walking. This has been really great for me. You really work up a sweat.. I think it has seriously helped my weight loss and generally made me feel better - i feel more awake and alert. It also helps as i drink more water when i run.

I just take it a bit at a time and will build up the time i can run as and when i feel more confident.

k xx
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I got quite in to running last year and it was brilliant for my weight loss at SW. When I was really good and stuck to both my running and the SW plan I'd lose 3-4lb a week and when I wasn't so good on the SW plan the running compensated for it! I also got muscles for the first time - especially in my arms, legs and tummy.

I was useless before I started too. I followed a plan in a book called Running Made Easy - you basically spend 10 weeks building up to being able to run for around 40 minutes. You only ever run in 1 minute blocks, the idea being that it's achievable and most people can manage 1 minute at a time. Obviously it gets harder as the 10 weeks progresses.

I actually started going out with a woman I met at my SW class. We'd talk the whole way round and could run for up to 1 hour that way. Not so enjoyable (and more difficult!) by myself though!

Kelly x
Thanx guys!!

I am starting on my own purely cos I am fed up waiting for my sister to come with me (she is at sw too!) At the same time, two other friends asked me to join them in their beginner training in March ready for the race for life we are all doing at the end of June and I said no on the basis of waiting for my sis!! I so wish I had joined them cos they are now running nearly a mile and a half!

Once I am into it, I aim to go with them and I will try and run some of the RFL but I am looking to do this as a long term thing and to get a sense of acheivement aswell as weight loss results!


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When I was overweight I found it too uncomfortable to run but now I am “normal” weight I run each day, I found it is best to do walk/runs and build up slowly from walking to running. I found when I was losing weight, if I stuck to the plan and went for a run each day I could lose 3lbs a week.
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I started a 10 week walk to run plan 2 weeks ago and am currently in the third week. I'm really loving it but for the last two weeks I've put on 1lb but I think that must be muscle because my trousers are a lot looser than they were at the beginning!!!!

If you join a running club you will have someone to run with and they cater for all fitness levels and capabilities.
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I'm also doing the Race for Life. I started 4 weeks ago and can now run 3 x 5mins with a 3min walk in between. I downloaded a programme called Podrunner - you download a new podcast every week and the music is already set up for a walk/run program - I much prefer this to checking my watch all the time! Here's the link:

Podrunner: Free Workout Music Mixes

I've found running is brilliant for toning as you lose weight - for the first time in 2 years my mummy tummy's starting to disappear! Yay!

Good luck!
Christine xx


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Hi wanna be a yummy mummy, just wanted to say well done on the podrunning, I'm doing it too and today I have just completed week 6 running for 25 mins non stop, it feels like a millions years away when you think you will be able to achieve these things but 6 weeks ago I struggled to run for 1 minute, keep it up, it's a great buzz when you complete each week and start seeing the results of your hard work
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Hi Prosecco - podrunner is ace!!!

Have been moving thru the weeks a bit quicker so have now completed the 20 min run (totally astonished I managed it) and I'm due to do the 25 min run on Wednesday. I'm doing the Race for Life this Sunday so hope to be able to run most of the way, even if it is a very slow run!!

Christine xx


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well done Christine, that's fantastic!

I can't wait until I get to that point.

Do you need to have an ipod for the podrunner or does an mp3 work just as well?
S: 14st13lb C: 14st3lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st10lb(4.78%)
It doesn't have to be an ipod - I've got it downloaded on to my mp3 as well. my husband bought me an ipod shuffle - one of the tiny ones which is great but it's so small my two year old 'borrowed' it and now we can't find it!!! so I'm back to the mp3!!!! the joys!!!

going for 25 mins tomorrow! fingers crossed!!

i've tried running before but I definitely find the podrunner spurs me on to do more than if I was looking at my watch all the time.

good luck with it!

Christine xx

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