anyone seen the we will rock you show?


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I've been given a thing to get 2 free tickets if you buy 2 tickets to go to see this in a couple of weeks. Has anyone seen it and was it any good? Just would lke to know if it's worth rounding some people up to go and see it.

I have 3 kids I could take but is it the kind of thing kids would hapily sit through? they're 11 and 12
Hi Kati
we went to see it in July, now my hubby & i are both Queen fans, but even if you're not i can't see how you can fail to enjoy it.the singing & dancing is absolutly fab, some of them have amazingly powerful voices & although it's nearly 3 hours long it certainly doesn't seem that long. in conclusion its BRILLIANT & well worth going to see
hope this helps
ps !
oops forgot this bit of your question -
there were quite a few kids there, some younger than yours, so if they like this type of thing, then yes they would be fine
oh ok, thats not so bad then if others sat through it happily. I think they're a bit old for pantomimes now so it could be a good alternative maybe
Hi Kati

Not been to see the show but have noticed offers on tickets for it so may be worth checking out the price for tickets for the show you want before rounding up extra people.

I think I noticed 1/2 price seats or some other equally good offer.

Just thought I'd recommend you do a google.

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well the tickets are £18.50 each but the thing I have is buy 2 get 2 free so half price anyway. I will have a look anyway, thanks for the suggestion. There might be a better offer than that.

I haven't seen it but my Mum has and she loved it and isn't even a Queen fan.

My friend went and loved it so much that she booked again for a few weeks later; she took her kids 9 & 13 who sat riveted throughout.
OMG This show is FANTASTIC!! I seen it twice in 2 weeks i was that blown away!!! The music and performers are so powerful that i was overwhelmed and cried most of the way through it (it's not sad, just powerful!).

i would love to go again!!! I LOVE QUEEN!! Gutted i'll never see them in concert! Didn't like them until after Freddie died - what a silly girl i am!